Pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 217

General appearance. The dog is lighter, very mobile and muscular,, medium size. Torso slightly elongated, on the back a bit higher; limbs not too high. Head carried horizontally or slightly higher , tail - horizontally or diagonally downwards.

Head. The cerebral part is relatively wide, flat arched, not very heavy. The muzzle under the eyes is slightly pulled back, not too long and not too pointed. Nose black or dark flesh colored. Clear supraocular arches, clear lines, not too pendulous. The corners of the lips are well defined. Ears a little longer than medium; heavy, set high and wide, curling up, rounded at the bottom. Clear eyes, not too big or too round, well seated, dark brown or lighter.

Neck. The average length, strong, wide.

Torso. Chest not too wide, chest deep and long, with long, down to the flanks with pseudo-ribs. Belly slightly tucked up. Back not too short, but very strong, wide to thin in the area of ​​the kidneys, strongly muscled, slightly arched. Croup long, flowing flat towards the tail.

Front limbs. Well-defined shoulders, obliquely positioned. Long under-arm, about strong, but not heavy bone, simple, strongly muscled. Pasterns not broken, but not steep.

Hindquarters. The thigh is very wide and long, the lower leg is relatively long, oblique, while the ankle joint is positioned vertically. Legs well hairy yes, that the hair on the back of the thigh looks like a brush. Legs viewed from behind - standing parallel, ankle joints neither turned in nor out, nor outside. Paws not very strong, but with well closed arched toes, not too round and not too flat. Flexible pads, wide and thick. Nails well developed, black or corner color.

Tail. The average length, reaching to the ankle joint, set not too low, gradually tapering, carried horizontally or downwards, underneath profusely hairy.

Robe. Thick hair, tight fit moderately rough, not very shiny, thinner on the head and ears, on the abdomen and legs, they are rougher and longer.

Ointment. Dark red color, brownish brown, red-brown, red-yellow, fawn up to "bułczana"”, red-gray as the winter garment of deer,., also with dark coatings or spots. In red dogs the main color is usually more intense on the back. Mouth, ears, back and tail often dark mottled.

Increase. Height at the withers: dog to 50 cm, like do 45 cm.

Disadvantages. Short silhouette, compact. High withers. Legs too high or too short. Curved forearm, fingers long and spread, flat paws, turned outwards. Concave back. Loins weakly muscled. Croup short or very cut. Hind legs tucked under the torso; cow or barrel stance. Chest excessively sprung. The head is pointed with a thin mouth, too low set. Wavy ears. Eyelids wide open, revealing a lot of red mucosa at the corners. Eyes with a sharp look, yellow, falcons. They live too short, to group. The tail is strongly bristly hairy, very upturned or curled. Limb bones crooked and too light. Muscle too soft. Sparse hair. Undershot or overshot. The presence of dewclaws (puppies born with them should be removed in the first week).

Specimens of a different color than that described should be eliminated, especially black with red markings (strong in jamnika lub jamniko-ogara). Small white spots are undesirable, but a small star on the chest tolerated (does not disqualify).