Pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 80a

General impression. A small 'ladies'” little dog, reasonable, alive, robust, with a round structure resembling a pony, elegant movements, eye-catching with an almost human expression.

Head. Wide and round, a well-sprung forehead should be covered with hard and disheveled hair, slightly longer near the eyes, our, cheeks and chin, creating a head ornament. Ears carried vertically, always sharply trimmed. Very large eyes, black, long and black eyelashes, eyelids with black edges. Eyes wide apart and prominent. The nose is always definitely black, remarkably short, wide front. The leading edge is clearly marked. The countries of the lips are black. The lower jaw is wide, protruding in front of the upper jaw. The incisors of the lower jaw overlap the incisors of the upper jaw.

Torso. Chest quite broad and deep.

Limbs. Simple, vertically positioned, the average length. Short paws, round and compact, black soles. Black nails.

Tail. Set high and carried, cropped o 2/3.

Robe. The hair should be hard, disheveled, half-long with dense undercoat.

Ointment. Rdzawa. Some black hair on the chin and mustache is allowed.

Body weight. In the class of dogs and small bitches no more than 3 kg. In the class of dogs and large bitches, i.e. weighing over 3 kg, weight should not exceed 4,5 kg in dogs i 5 kg u suk. This is the maximum, but the tolerance of Fr. 100 g is acceptable.

Scoring: head 40 points, robe 25 point. and construction 35 point. Including:
forehead 8
nose and edge of forehead 10
ears 2
ointment 13
compactness 12
torso and the whole 10
eyes 8
jaw 8
toothing 4
limbs 15
paws 5
code 5

Disadvantages. A silky tuft on the head, light or small eyes, claws brown, visible teeth or tongue, toes fused together on one or more paws.

Disqualifying Defects. Brown or light nose, white patches, tongue hanging down, bright claws, the upper jaw protrudes in front of the lower jaw, deformation of the kneecap. Dogs limping for whatever reason, completely blind or deaf dogs and neuter dogs cannot be rewarded.

Grytonik Belgian (FCI entry 81 a). Belgian griffon and little biabancon (FCI entry 82) have the same characteristics as the Brussels griffon. Ointments are allowed for the Belgian griffon: black, black and tan and black and rust mixed.

The little brabancon has short hair. The only acceptable color is rust and black with tan. The black mask is not a defect. Disadvantages and disqualifications for both varieties are the same as for the Brussels griffon.