Pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 98a (9. IX. 1963 r.)

General impression. A pointer of medium height, about a noble presentation, unobtrusive color, very hard coat, as perfectly protecting the skin as possible, a lively temperament and "wise”, devoted, a strong expression on his face. Body proportions and muscle shaping, tendons and joints should be like this, that the animal could persistently, move quickly and agile.

Head. Moderately long, with a wide and long muzzle and strong dentition. Clear eyes, with well fitting eyelids, medium-large ears.

Neck. Medium length and strong.

Torso. High withers, long and full. Chest moderately broad and deep, ribs well sprung.

Back short and straight, muscular loins, wide hips. The croup is long and sloping, well muscled. Belly tucked up, slim, short flanks.

Limbs. Shoulders tightly attached, oblique; viewed from the front - vertical; bones properly angulated to each other. Round paws, with tight fingers and firm pads (heels).

Tail. Trimmed according to hunting requirements.

Robe. The skin is not very delicate, no folds, tight fitting. The hair is very hard, the average length, inconspicuously colored, rigid, adjacent, not changing the shape of the dog, still so long, to provide good protection against weather conditions and injuries. The hair is shorter on the lower legs, very dense on the ears. Bushy eyebrows and an abundant long beard.

Body dimensions. The ratio of the length of the body to the height at the withers as 10:9. Height at the withers: dog 60-65 cm, bitch - not less than 56 cm.

This is perhaps the most laconic pattern, giving no details of the anatomical differences between the wirehaired and the shorthaired pointer. Nevertheless, I am careful, that this very standard should be considered valid for the assessment of the national number of wirehaired pointers.