Pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 57b (1. VII. 1966 r.)

This breed was bred in Hungary in the 18th century from a former Hungarian hound and a yellow Turkish hunting dog. The present modern type was created in the 19th century by crossing with other dogs (strangers) hunting breeds. He is teachable, impressive, satisfied, but a lively temper. He has an excellent sense of smell and a firm stand-up collar. He is persistent in working on the water, easy to lay, criminal, in short - a versatile hunting dog, attached to his master, but sensitive to rough treatment.

General impression. Hunting dog of medium height, light, noble construction, with a delicate bone, extremely strong tendons, dry limbs. Alive, very teachable.

Head. Dry, noble in outline. Broad in the cerebral part, with a moderately prominent occipital crest, flat arched, with a poorly marked frontal furrow (smooth forehead at ease). Supraocular arches moderately developed, leading edge mediocre. Muzzle viewed from all sides - blunt. The bridge of the nose is straight, it makes an angle of 30-35 ° with the line of the forehead. Nostrils well developed, black. Maxilla and mandible strongly developed. Regular bite, scissor. Fafle slightly, close to the teeth, not saggy. Eyes sharp, intelligent eyesight. Eyelids tight. The whites of the eye are invisible. Eyes a shade darker than the color of the hair. Glassy or black eyes are unacceptable. Ears set on medium high, with delicate skin, not fleshy or pendulous, more than the average length, the shape of a rounded V letter.

Neck. The average length, moderately bent, muscular, without throat folds.

Torso. Withers expressive, long. Chest deep and long, not very barrel-shaped; ribs moderately sprung. Straight back, short, muscular. Loins of medium length, very strong, wide. Muscular croup. Forechest put forward, medium width. Belly slightly tucked up.

Front limbs. Well tied to the body, strongly muscled, obliquely positioned. Close elbows. Long forearm, strong wrist, Pasterns short. Round paws, with tight fingers and thick, springy pads. Nails darker than the gray background.

Hindquarters. Strongly angulated. The thigh is long; knee angle 110-120 °. Low hock joint. Palce black, massive pads.

Tail. Rather low set, medium thickness, cropped on 2/3 natural length; carried horizontally in motion.

Robe. Skin tightly fitting, no folds. Dark brown lips and eyelid edges. Short hair, straight, fat, gestures, adjacent, shiny. A coat that protects the dog well against weather conditions.

Ointment. Dark yellow, the so-called. bread roll, without meanings.

Body dimensions. Height at the withers: shrink 57-64 cm, suki 53— 60 cm. Mass of 22 do 30 kg.

The individual dimensions of the body expressed as a percentage of the height at the withers:
the length of the torso 100
the width of the front of the breast 33
head length 42
chest depth at least 44
Chest circumference at least 117
the length of the bridge of the nose 46 (head length)
the length of the ears 76 (head length)

Chody. Alive, glamorous. Nice build and neat movements make up a harmonious whole.

Non-Disqualifying Defects. Construction too delicate or loose, weak ribs, big head. The head resembles a mountain hound. Eyelids loose. Pendulous lips. Faulty dentition. Fine hair. Tail badly trimmed or curled.

Disqualifying Defects. All features contradict the pattern. Dog growth below 56 cm or above 65 cm, and the bitch below 52 cm or above 62 cm. Presence of patches or speckles. Importance on the chest with a diameter 5 cm or more than 5 cm, white paws. Potted or black nose. Eyelids loose. Lips pendulous shiny, Undershot mouth. Mandibular retraction more than about 2 mm. Fawn or brown color.


Entered in the FCI register under the number 239

However, it has a separate pattern, it practically does not differ in any way from the Hungarian Shorthaired Pointer except for its coat, which should be perfectly rough, but rather clingy. The silhouette of the Wirehaired Pointer is no different from a distance (beyond the eyebrows) from the silhouette of a short-haired dog.