Model entered in the FCI register under the number 227a (3. IV. 1967 r.)

It probably comes from the same trunk, what a tibetan spaniel. Its name comes from the capital of Tibet, where he was to be the dog of the temples and the favorite of the lamas. It is a cheerful and self-confident dog, but wary of strangers.

Head. Heavy, profusely hairy; hair covers the eyes, they create a profuse mustache and beard; should be dark. The cerebral part of the head is narrow, clearly steep behind the eyes, not quite flat, but not arched or apple-shaped either. The muzzle is straight, proportional length. Black nose, length approx 3.8 cm. The length from the tip of the nose to the eyes is approximately equal 1/3 the distance separating the leading edge from the base of the head (the back of the head). Dark eyes; neither too big and convex, neither too small nor too deep set. Pendulous ears, profusely hairy. Dark ends desirable. Mouth level or with slightly protruding lower jaw; the average length.

Neck. Strong, well covered with mane, more abundant in dogs than in bitches.

Torso. The length from the point of the shoulder to the point of the rump is greater than the height at the withers. The ribs are good, loins strong, Croup well developed. Good balance and compactness desirable.

Front limbs. Simple, profusely hairy.

Hindquarters. Thighs well developed. Profusely hairy. Paws well hairy, round so-called. kitten, with strong heels.

Tail. Well hairy, carried over the back. Often broken in the end.

Robe. Abundant cover hair, simple, hard, not woolly or silky, quite long. Dense undercoat.

Ointment. Golden, fawn, honey color, dark gray, smoky slate, spotted, black, white or brown. The golden or fawn color is more appreciated, others in the order listed.

Increase. Height at the withers for dogs 22-25 cm, bitch a bit less.

Chody. Casual and lively.

Disadvantages. Angular snout, overshot bite, tail carried low.