Pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 209 (3. XI. 1964 r.)

He is a terrier only in name, it is unknown why it was given to it by the English. He is a primitive farmyard watchman. It vividly resembles our lowland sheepdog or pumi, if you don't take into account its high carried tail.

General impression. Medium height dog, in general outline similar to a reduced Old English Sheepdog. Alive, intelligent and pest-free, but not prone to a fight. Wary of strangers.

Head. The cerebral part of medium length, not wide or thick, tapering gradually from ears to eyes, but not completely flat between the ears. Rounded zygomatic bones, but not sticking out. The leading edge is slightly marked, not too much. The head is well covered with long hair falling over the eyes. There is a small chin on the lower jaw. The muzzle is clearly rounded at the front, desired equal, but a slight undershot bite is not a fault. The distance from the eye to the tip of the nose is equal to the distance from the eye to the base of the head. The ridge of the mouth is neither massive nor broad. Black nose. Eyes wide apart, large, dark, nie wypukłe i nie wklęsłe. Powieki ciemne. Uszy zwisające niezbyt ściśle przy głowie, V shape, nie za szerokie, profusely hairy.

Torso. Zwarty i silny. Długość od kłębu do nasady ogona równa wysokości w kłębie. Zebra well sprung. Lędźwie lekko wysklepione.

Front limbs. Proste i obficie owłosione.

Hindquarters. Obficie owłosione. Kolana nisko położone. Big paws, round, profusely hairy; włosy wciskają się między palce i piętki. Pies powinien stać mocno na piętkach.

Tail. The average length, dość wysoko osadzony i wesoło zakręcony nad grzbietem. Często przy końcu załamany.

Robe. Składa się z delikatnego, wełnistego podszycia oraz obfitej, delicate (but not silky or woolly), straight or wavy cover.

Ointment. White, yellow, creamy, gray or smoky, black, spotted or tricolor.

Increase. Height at the withers: dog 35-40 cm, bitch a bit


Disadvantages. Severe undershot or overshot mouth, incorrect pointed muzzle, chocolate ointment.

All these breeds - especially the first two - in the west are a strong competition for the Pekingese thanks to this, that having sliding gaits are more suitable for tourists.

Both the Tibetan Spaniel and the Lhasa Apso, shi-tsu and Tibetan terrier do not require any special efforts apart from taking care of the robe and providing them with sufficient movement.