Pattern entered in the FC register! under the number 144 (28. X. 1967 r.). A pattern originally developed in 1905 r. finally edited in 1920 r has not changed significantly - otherwise, that from 1925 r. Black boxers are not recognized, white and spotted. This year they were included in the so-called breeds. police.

General impression. The boxer is a medium-sized dog, compact structure, square in shape and strong bone. Umięśnienie search, strongly developed and visually externalized. Movements alive and expressing strength and nobility. The boxer can't be sluggish, nor clumsy, neither frail or greyhound. Smooth-haired.

Head. It gives the boxer the right expression and should be in the right proportion to the body - not too light, nor too heavy. The cerebral part of the head is slightly arched, not spherical short, nor flat, or too wide (too high occiput undesirable). The leading edge is clearly marked. You wouldn't look at your head from any side, the muzzle should always be in correct proportion to the cerebral part, i.e.. it should never seem too small. The head is dry, no face folds, chapped. Folds are formed only on the forehead when putting the ears down; from the base of the nose downwards, they are clearly marked on both sides. The muzzle should be as wide and powerful as possible, but without the protruding cheeks. They influence its shape: the shape of both jaws, dentition alignment, the shape and structure of the lips.

Both jaws do not end in one vertical plane at the front, but the lower jaw protrudes in front of the upper jaw and is slightly curved upwards. The boxer has a normal undershot mouth. The upper jaw is wide at the base, near the cerebral part and narrows only slightly towards the front. Looking from the front, both jaws are very wide, and the fangs set wide apart. Incisors (6) arranged in rows; in the upper jaw in a gentle anterior curve, in the lower jaw in a straight line. Teeth strong and healthy, set as regularly as possible. Lips complete the shape of the head. The upper lip is thick and fleshy, it rests on the lower fangs and fills the free space in front, formed due to the protrusion of the mandible. Is required, that the front surface of the muzzle thus formed is as large as possible, almost square and at a blunt angle to the bridge of the nose. The lower edge of the upper lip rests against the edge of the lower lip. Unacceptable significant protrusion of the upwardly bent part of the mandible together with its lip (the so-called. Chin) in front of the upper lip, much less concealed beneath it. Unacceptable "showing” teeth and tongue with the mouth closed.

Strongly developed cheeks (corresponding to strong dentition), but not protruding beyond the outline of the head, but passing in a gentle curve to the muzzle. Black nose, wide, slightly upturned (its end - the truffle - lies slightly higher than the root). Nostrils open, a nursery runs between them - in the midline sagittal line (bruzda). Unacceptable "thrusting."” the bridge of the nose to the forehead (strong in a bulldog) or lowering it forward. The ratio of the length of the bridge of the nose to the length of the skull as 1 : 2. The tip of the nose is slightly higher than the root. Forehead with a slightly marked frontal furrow, not very deep, especially between the eyes. Ears set high, pointed, cropped, mediocre length, shells not too wide and carried vertically. Dark eyes, Brown, nor too small, nor protruding, nor too deeply embedded. They betray energy and intelligence. An undesirable gloomy look, threatening or penetrating. Dark rim of the eyes.

Neck. Round, not too short or thick, quite long, muscular and strong, but dry and without dewlap (wow), flowing in an elegant arc from the clearly marked line of the nape of the neck towards the back.

Torso. Square silhouette (outline lines - one at the spine level and two vertical ones, passing through the scapula and sciatic tubercle - give with the horizontal line of the ground a square). The torso rests on massive, straight limbs with strong bone. Deep chest, reaching to the elbows; its depth is approximately half the height of the dog. The ribs are well arched, but not barrel-shaped, far back. Loins short, tight and taut towards the rear. Long and oblique shoulder blade, close to the body, adherent, not very muscular; forms a right angle with the long arm. Short back, straight, broad and strongly muscled. Withers well defined. Back very strongly muscled; muscles that are hard and plastically externalize through the skin. The croup is slightly sloping, arched.

Front limbs. Straight when viewed from the front, parallel to each other, about strong, tight bone. Elbows not too close to the breast or protruding. Vertical brace, long and resiliently muscled. The wrist is short, outlined clearly, however not too much. Pasterns short, slightly oblique, almost vertical.

Small feet with tight, arched toes (the so-called. kitten) and with strong soles.