Breeding of beagle dogs

Breeding of beagle dogs

Beagles are classified as hounds and were already known in the 14th century, because during this period they were used for hunting foxes and hares. First of all, they have a medium-sized head, without wrinkles or folds. also, their skull is slightly concave and shows a small political lump. In addition, they are distinguished by long ears, slightly rounded at the ends. Otherwise, they hold blinds, big eyes with a friendly expression.

Of course, if you dream of breeding beagle dogs, you must remember this, that dogs of this breed love to be on the move. When they can play in the woods, swim or retrieve, they are in seventh heaven. They are also great for mountain hiking, because they are very durable, as a result, many athletes choose a beagle as their companion. Certainly, it is a suitable pet for people who like to spend time actively in the bosom of nature. This should also be emphasized, that they quickly adapt to new conditions, because they are incredibly family oriented, and therefore they endure loneliness terribly. Therefore, when they are left at home, they destroy everything, what they encounter on their way - shoes, furniture, Clothes. It is worth highlighting this, that beagles are cool dogs, fun-loving, therefore they are perfect companions for children, however, it is advisable, so that the toddler is already at school age, to understand, how to handle the dog, he did not beat him or pull his ears or tail.

Otherwise, once they feel the trail, they often cannot give up following it, which can be troublesome for their owners, especially since they tend to roam. also, they love digging mink, so you have to forget about the beautiful garden, if you want to own a beagle. There is no doubt about it, that proper training is of great importance in breeding beagles, you need to start as soon as possible. Without a doubt, the dog must know, who's in charge and, that he must follow the instructions of his guardian. also, for the proper behavior of the dog, it should be properly rewarded. The prerequisite for effective training is consistency during its conduct.

At the end, it should be said about it, that beagles are friendly belts, but they are completely unsuited to the role of a dog protecting our possessions, for it is not even in their nature. But still, beagles are wonderful, graceful pets, that can become our friends.