Model entered in the FCI register under the number 4a (4. IV. 1963 r.)

The word "cairn” it is of Gallic origin and means a rocky hill, kurhan. Rocky hills are characteristic of this dog's homeland - Scotland. He is a close cousin of both of the previously discussed. It differs from the Black Scottish Terrier in this, that it does not give the impression of "dignity”, or rather, there is something mischievous about the expression in his eyes, mischievous, which gives it a peculiar charm. He looks fearless and cheerful.

General impression. Alive, perky, bold and about "hairy” appearance. Strong and compact. Well positioned on the forward front legs. Croup strong. Chest deep. Free movements. Coat with good protection against getting wet. Small head, but in proportion to the body. A distinctive feature - a general similarity to a fox.

Head. Relatively wide in the cerebral part. Jaw and mandible strong, but not too long or too heavy. There is a distinct furrow between the eyes. Forehead luxuriantly overgrown. Strong mouth, but not heavy. Eyes wide apart, medium size, dark hazel, deeply seated, shaggy eyebrows. The ears are small, pointed, well worn and upright, seated not too close together. Teeth strong and even.

Neck. Well seated, not too short.

Torso. Compact, with a strong back and well sprung ribs. Medium length ridge, well tied. The back is very strong.

Limbs. Oblique shoulder blades, limbs of medium length, strong skeleton, not very thick, elbows not twisted. The legs are covered with hard hair. Front feet larger than the hind feet; slightly outwardly permissible. Thick and flexible soles.

Tail. Short, profusely hairy, but without a pen; carried merrily, not bent or downwards, nor towards the back.

Robe. It consists of plentiful and firm, but not the rough cover and the fluffy, short, soft and dense lining. The sparse lid is defective, revealing the undercoat. Head profusely hairy.

Ointment. Red, sand, grey, brindle or almost black. Very typical dark marks on the ears and face.

Time. Ideal - 5,5 kg.

Disadvantages. The lower jaw is protruding or retracted. Eyes too bulging or light. Ears too large or rounded at the tips, too hairy. Silky or curly coat (slight waviness allowed). The nose is flesh-colored or of any other tone (big drawback). Shown resemblance to a Scottish terrier. Undershot or undershot or overshot mouth.