Pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 136b (2. WE. 1965 r.)

General impression. The dog is alive, graceful, harmoniously built, fearless, with hunting passion, cheerful, about free movements.

Head. Rather flat between the ears, not arched. Faceplate edge plate, length (from the base to the top edge) do 4 cm. Nostrils well developed, black. Snout tapering towards the end. Lips tightly fitting, but not like a hound. The muzzle under the eyes is well filled. Big eyes, dark, round, but not bulging, set wide apart. Ears long and set high, profusely hairy, with feathers. Teeth equal, scissor bite desirable.

Neck. Well seated, slightly arched.

Torso. Briefly bound, well ribbed. Chest proportionally well developed. Equal ridge.

Front limbs. Shoulders well laid back, straight legs, moderately thick-boned.

Hindquarters. Medium thick-boned, simple. Paws with fingers closed, with strong pads, profusely hairy, with feathers.

Robe. Long hair, silky, not curly. Slight waviness allowed. Plentiful feathers required.

Ointment. Jet black and tan — tan light above the eyes, on the cheeks, on the inner part of the pinna, on the chest and legs and on the underside of the tail. Red - uniform with a juicy-red color. In the Blenheim variety, the coat is even, intensely pearly white with distinctive chestnut markings.; required even distribution of markings on the head, with a free area between the ears for a much appreciated diamond spot, characteristic of this breed. Color tricolor - black and white with well-spaced and distinct patches, with a tan above the eyes, on the cheeks on the inside of the pinna, on the inside of the legs and on the underside of the tail. Black and white acceptable, but undesirable.

Time. 4—7 kg. It is desirable to have a harmoniously built dog of medium weight.

Disadvantages. Clear eyes. Undershot, uneven upper and lower jaw, Pig snout”. White patches on the background of a solid color. Coarse build, gray nose with flesh-colored spots, nervousness.