Pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 228 (9. WE. 1961 r.)

The Afghan Hound has dignity and reserve in relation to his surroundings. He is characterized by an oriental expression - his gaze is piercing through and through.

Overall impression. The whole combines strength and dignity with speed. Head carried proudly.

Head. The cerebral part is long, not very narrow, decorated with an abundant top of long hair; prominent occipital tumor, long muzzle, jaw and mandible strong, catchy, leading edge slight. Dark eyes (but the golden color is not defective), almost triangular in shape, slightly oblique, with the upper eyelid rising from the inner to the outer corner at a slight angle. Ears set low and close to the head, drooping, lying flat against the head, covered with a long one, with silky hair.

Maxilla and mandible well-matched (correct bite).

Neck. Long, strong, with the head held high.

Torso. Deep chest, flat ridge, the average length, well muscled, slightly sloping backwards. The hip bones are expressive and set quite wide apart. The ribs are enhanced, straight loins, strong, rather short.

Front limbs. Long shoulder blades, oblique, well tied to the back, muscular, strong, but not overly muscular. Strong bones of the legs, straight, the elbows close to the body. Wrists long and flexible, especially at the front.

Hindquarters. Mighty rear. Knee joint well angulated. The thigh is long. The lower leg is rather short. Dewclaws do not need to be removed (depending on the breeder's preferences). Hind feet less broad than the front feet; all covered with long and abundant hair. Toes well arched. The pads are well supported on the ground.

Tail. Not too short, low set, ended with a ring, decorated with a slight feather, carried high in action.

Robe. Hair is very long, silky, delicate, covering the sides, front, the back and the whole torso except the back (from the withers to the base of the tail), where it is short and very compact; in adult specimens, long, silky hair forms a crest on the head from the forehead to the back. The robe is left in its natural state.

Ointment. All colors allowed.

Increase. Perfect for dogs 69-71 cm, for bitches 65-67 cm.

Chody. They should be calm and springy and very stylish.

Disadvantages. Heaviness, head too broad, snout short, the lower jaw is weak. Eyes large and round. Neck short and thick, back too long or too short.

In Afghanistan, there is a distinction between the mountain and steppe types.