Model entered in the FCI register under the number 269a (28. XI. 1971 r.)

General impression. It combines charm with symmetry, high speed and endurance with strength and agility allowing gazelles or other game to be rushed on sandy areas or in rocky mountains. A look that is faithful and gives the impression of looking into the distance.

Head. The head is long and narrow, the cerebral part is moderately broad, not arched between the ears, leading edge (stop) not stressed. Everything is noble. Black or brown nose. Dark hazel eyes, shiny, large and oval, but not protruding. Ears long and mobile, covered with long silky hair, hanging close to the head. Teeth strong and regular.

Neck. Long, pliable, well muscled.

Torso. Shoulders are oblique and strongly placed back, well muscled, but not too heavy. Chest deep and moderately narrow. The ridge is quite wide, muscles slightly arched above the loins.

Front limbs. Simple with a long arm.

Hindquarters. Strong back, wide pelvis, moderately angulated knees. Low ankle joint. This indicates the ability to run and jump. Paws moderately elongated, toes long and well arched, black, not flat, but not feline, profusely hairy between the toes; the whole strong and flexible.

Tail. Long, low set and naturally curved, profusely underneath it hairy with silky feathers, otherwise not fluffy.

Robe. Smooth and silky. Light feathers on the limbs and on the back of the thighs; sometimes light woolly fringes on the thighs and shoulder blades (for the smooth-haired variety, the pattern is the same, except for the coat without feathers).

Ointment. White, isabella, beige, gold, Red, gray and tan, tricolor (black and white and tan) and all shades of these colors.

Body dimensions. The average height is 58-71 cm.