Pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 240 (1966 r.)

It probably comes from the same trunk as Asian steppe greyhounds. He is the only representative of the continental greyhounds.

This race is practically extinct, but the thrift of Hungarians and their love for everything that resembles and preserves the history and native culture should be, that it was recreated from the relics. Probably not without an admixture of English Greyhound blood, which the Hungarians are not hiding. After the war, there was a return to the native type.

The Hungarian Greyhound is a dog very similar to the Greyhound in all details, however bold and more work. Height 65-70 cm. The head is stronger than that of the greyhounds, the ear is fleshier, wholly bigger, worn similar to an English Greyhound, but sometimes closer to the head. Erect ear, however, is not allowed. Back not so arched, but simpler than the Englishman. Neck and forechest also stronger. Ribs more arched: rump strong, something trees. Any ointment. Dark eye and skin pigmentation are also required in light specimens.