Walking the dog by the leg

Walking the dog by the leg.

Once the dog walks perfectly well on the short line, so that it is always slightly overhanging, we move on to repeating the same exercises, but no link. In case of failure (when the signal alone is not enough to keep the dog at the correct distance), we remain completely calm and return to exercises on the rope for a number of days, so long, until the dog remembers it, that after the slogan "leg” or "with me” only the left side of the gentleman is "pleasant”, and everything else is unpleasant.

It is not only the penalty for misconduct that must be applied immediately, but also a reward for obedience - words of praise, a tasty morsel. Of course, the meaning of the words of praise is indifferent, the tone is important, as they are spoken. Therefore, we usually express our praise in a tone of calm approval. Then we use a joyful tone, when we want to induce a dog's full temperament or suppress depression (e.g.. after jumping into the water). The dog should be praised calmly for correct walking and for following the rules of good manners. Speaking too joyfully or lively may trigger a playful reflex that is undesirable at the moment, affect the dog's posture negatively, and make the educator consequently unpleasant reaction.

Both walking with the leg without a rope, As well as any further exercises, I advise you to carry out different conditions, to avoid faulty local associations. The environment should be chosen this way, so that the first lessons are in secluded places, where nothing distracts the dog, then in more and more lively surroundings - initially with the commissioned extras, which can be directed according to the needs - then among strangers, dogs, near cats, other game and vehicles, so that the dog gets used to all possible situations. Only the presence of a bitch or at least traces of her during heat will always have a negative effect on the dog, depending, of course, on the degree of his conformation and temperament. It may then partially or completely fail, especially when performing more difficult olfactory tasks. On the other hand, a bitch in heat may not be required to do any work at all.

Every dog ​​must be used to wearing a muzzle, which should be so drafted and matched, to allow the animal to breathe and bark freely, and besides, it did not oppress at any point, it was not chafing and was as light as possible. If the dog is really well behaved, a muzzle is needed only due to the contumation regulations issued by the authorities during the rabies epizootic. Epizootic - mass occurrence in animals of an infectious disease simultaneously spreading in a specific area. Wire muzzles should not be used in winter, because the freezing steam and snow make the dog unpleasant, and may even be the cause of frostbite.

In the city, in the streets and on roads, where motor vehicle traffic takes place, always keep your dog on the line, because it is impossible to predict what stimulus (bitch in heat, sudden explosion of gases in the muffler etc.) may cause your dog to break out under a passing car. The view is wrong, that dogs have a feeling ,,traffic safety”. Contrary, motorized vehicles move at "abnormal speed for a dog."”, even amazing and that is why dogs, underestimating their speed, so often fall victim to car traffic, and they also cause car or motorcycle accidents, when the driver tries to save a careless dog by suddenly braking or evasive.