The English pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 109a (6. X. 1966 r.)

General impression. Angular dog, heavy, very massive, but lively, with a "concerned" look”.

Head. Big, angular, massive, the average length, wide at the top, with a pronounced parietal tumor. Big eyebrows. Deep leading edge. The muzzle is heavy with well-developed lips, even jaws with an even bite. Angular nose, the color of the meat. Dark amber eyes, quite deeply set. Convex or light are very flawed. Big ears, grape leaf shape, abundantly covered with straight hair, slightly pendulous to the front; the feather does not extend beyond the lower edge of the pinna.

Neck. Pretty long, thick and strongly built, profusely hairy from below.

Torso. Long and heavy, short; ribs well developed. Straight back, wide and long. Deep chest.

Front limbs. Strong shoulders, oblique and well muscled. Short straight legs, thick and strong.

Hindquarters. Very well developed and strong. Loins strong. Low hock joint. Well-formed knees, straight. Big paws, round, well hairy.

Tail. Low seated, well hairy, carried at the level of the back.

Robe. Obfita, compact, uniform and simple. Abundant feathers on the limbs.

Ointment. Pure white with lemon flecks; orange spots allowed, but undesirable. Small spots on the head and a freckled muzzle against a white body are desirable.