Wzorzec angielski wpisany do rejestru FCI pod liczbą 5a (10. IV. 1963 r.)

Spośród spanieli jest to najpopularniejsza rasa.

General impression. Alive, wesoły pies myśliwski. Cocker spaniel nie powinien przypominać większego field spaniela ani długością, ani małą wysokością lub pod jakimkolwiek innym względem; jest krótszy w grzbiecie i raczej wyższy w kończynach.

Head. Dobrze rozwinięta, z graniastą kufą, o różowych szczękach i wyrazistą krawędzią czołową. W części mózgowiowej wyraźnie wyrzeźbiona i nie wypukła, policzki nie wydatne. Nos dostatecznie szeroki i dobrze rozwinięty, jak tego wymaga nadzwyczajny węch tej rasy. Big eyes, but not convex, koloru orzechowego, zharmonizowanego z maścią, o inteligentnym i łagodnym wyrazie, zdecydowanie żywe, lśniące i wesołe. Pendulous ears, low set, o cienkiej skórze i nie sięgające poza nos, dobrze okryte długim jedwabistym, prostym włosem, bez kędziorków lub loków.

Neck. Long and muscular, dobrze osadzona w łagodnie ukątowanych łopatkach.

Torso. Zwarty i dobrze związany; gives the impression of concentrated strength and tireless activity. Chest deep and well developed, not too wide or too round, not restricting the freedom of movement of the legs. Short back, extremely strong and compact in relation to the size and weight of the dog, gently sloping to the tail.

Front limbs. Sloping and delicate shoulders. Feather limbs with a strong bone, simple, quite short, but not too short, not to obstruct the dog with the enormous amount of work required of this little hunting dog.

Hindquarters. Back wide, well rounded and very muscular. Strong-boned legs, with feathers, simple and short enough, so that they provide concentrated strength, but not too short. Strong paws, round (the so-called. kitten), not too big and not with open fingers or loosely tied at the joints.

Tail. It is most characteristic of all spaniels. In a lighter and mobile cocker, even though it is low set, you can tolerate wearing it higher than other spaniels, however, it must never be upturned, but rather it is carried level with the back; the lower - the better. The tail should be in constant motion while the dog is working. Required trimmed, but not too short.

Robe. Flat, silky, never rough (stiff) or wavy, with sufficiently large feathers, however, not very abundant and never curly.

Ointment. Any. In uniformly colored dogs, white is only allowed on the breast.

Body dimensions. Weight about 11-12 kg.

The FCI standard does not indicate height. Recently, the Kennel Club released new data, a to: meat from 12.7—14.5 kg; height of the dog 39.5-40.5 cm (with tolerance to 42 cm), bitches 38.5-39.5 cm (with tolerance to 40,5 cm). The Germans established 37.5-40 cm in the dog at home, and 36-40 cm for a bitch with this, that the deviation of o 1,5 cm from these numbers disqualifies.

Disadvantages. A head with non-noble features. Light skeleton. Curly coat. Steep shoulders. Paws with fingers not closed. No mobility, weak knee joints. Tail carried high. The leading edge is slightly marked. Clear eyes.

These spaniels are perfect flushing dogs, and they are even useful as a mountain hound. Among them there are unjustifiably aggressive ones and such should be absolutely eliminated from breeding, as this is a trait that is contrary to the character required of a spaniel, so it shows a certain perversion.

Unfortunately, most of our spaniels have forgotten about the forest, and she went over to the couch. But even as a decorative dog, the Spaniel requires a lot of run, because it tends to gain weight with age, and not raised - likes to unload his hunting instincts on poultry and cats.