Clean and the dog

The cleanliness of the apartment is the first requirement, what we put the puppy above 3 man. It is worth realizing, that there is no particular disposition in the nature of the dog, which would order him to follow this rule obvious to a civilized man. We will understand it easier, when we remember, that there are primitive peoples, which rules have not yet adopted. So you have to create a reflex in the dog to take care of its natural needs only outside. He should associate these needs with his home with unpleasant consequences. A dog, we want to teach order, we watch all the time, and at the right moment, we remove it from the apartment and lead it to the intended place.

The task is simplified, when we have a piece of the garden, lawn or soft earth. Pointing seats, that another dog had already visited the place for the same purpose, they act invitingly. Adult dogs, As you know, they highly value trees or protruding stones as "advertising pillars."”, at which they "announce” and "read” dog "social chronicle” your area. You have to walk the dog before or, at worst, in time, when he pisses off; after the fact it is pointless. Of course, absolute cleanliness cannot be demanded of a puppy, you should also be understanding when sick.

If control and recovery weren't enough, surveillance must be tightened as soon as the dog starts committing ,,crime” exclaim sharply ,,fe”, to interrupt his intentions and immediately take him or lead him to the place indicated. At this point, you should no longer use any force or anger, it is depressing for the dog. It is even good to pet the dog and speak kindly to him, to prevent possible associations, that you love the action itself.

If the dog has a harder time understanding what's going on, you can hit it lightly. The best punishment tool is pliable wicker rods or a flexible leather whip; for young lapdogs, a hand-wide sheet of paper or newspaper is enough. Hitting can only be used as a last resort, lest the dog become indifferent to corporal punishment. The blows should be short, firm and few, in the thighs or sides, never in the head or in the stomach. When teaching cleanliness, you can use the so-called whip. throwing chain. It is an ordinary metal chain with strong links, not very thin, but not too heavy, 0.25-0.5 m long. Hold this chain loosely with your full hand and throw it at the dog in a moment, when doing some undesirable activity. This throw (so directed, so as not to hit the dog in the head), not very painful, noise alone will have an effect even then, when we miss. After this punishment, which caused the association, that defecation in the apartment is associated with unpleasantness, the dog should be taken outside and left there until the effect that we interrupted so abruptly occurs, wherein ,,we praise” dog.