Meek dachshunds

Meek dachshunds

Small dachshunds are hunting dogs and therefore training them is not an easy task. However, they are very joyful pets, who love to chase birds and other animals. Except that, they can successfully act as a guard dog, for they are barking very loudly. Otherwise, they are faithful to their masters, because they become attached to them, but they are wary of strangers.

also, they are a type of dog, which requires amazing attention from the owner, because his lack of interest in the dachshund may even result in aggression. Unfortunately, some of them do not accept children, therefore parents of toddlers, rather, they should not have these dogs. But the most important thing is this, to be consistent during his training, because they tend to dominate, so they must know, who rules, otherwise they can cause a lot of trouble to their owners. Primarily, Dog training should be based on a properly developed reward system for proper behavior, however, a dachshund cannot be beaten for misconduct. There are basically four types of punishment for this breed of dog. First, we can apply seclusion, which will be very painful for him, when he likes to be in the company. Except that, it is also possible to use a water gun, and also indicated is raised, and even sharp, tone of voice and ignoring the dog.

Of course, for having a dachshund, there are many factors, looks nice, is small, lively and playful. Another advantage of these dogs is this, that they eat little, they are also unrefined, so preparing a meal for them will not be a problem for us. A, most importantly, they bark loudly, but they don't do it very often, therefore, they will not disturb our sleep. It must be said about this, that dachshunds adapt extremely quickly to new conditions and are great hunters, even despite their small size, they are not afraid to enter the fox's den and fight it. Companions are perfect, you can stroke them and that sweet face and butter eyes, irresistible. Certainly, Dachshunds are also not ideal animals and have drawbacks, are stubborn, therefore it is very important, to train them from an early age. Except that, love to dig burrows in the garden, which may be troublesome for us. Unfortunately, cannot go down stairs, and you have to clean them each time you go outside.

A, so, if you want to own a dachshund, first of all, you need to be patient and consistent in his training, so that you can enjoy your pet's meekness later.