Dog jump over obstacles

Dog jump over obstacles.

The dog takes obstacles well and willingly, if, of course, you do not disgust him with this game by unpleasant compulsion or exhausting him with too much exercise.

Willing to teach the dog to jump on signal, e.g.. „hop!”, we take it on the rope and walk it together through the board with its edge up. Such an obstacle can also be placed in the open door connecting two rooms; we leave the dog in a sitting position on one side and going to the other side we call "come here!”, adding before jumping ,,hop!”. After each jump, we praise and reward the dog, and as he progresses and strengthens, we lift the obstacle higher and higher. Even though the dog should only be stimulated to jump with a pleasant stimulus, it shall not be allowed to break in in front of or around the obstacle. In this case, repeat the exercise, leading the dog on the rope and firmly, but without the brutal use of Force, we encourage you to jump. The moment, when the dog completes the task, we praise and reward him, even if previously it showed a lot of resistance. At this time, we stop the exercise and return to it only on the second or third day.

Similarly, it is worth teaching the dog to jump on the indicated elevation, like a stool, chair or chest, which is often useful in practice, e.g.. when getting into the means of transport with him.

The dog overcomes all natural obstacles rather "reliably"”, i.e.. leaning against or bouncing off them. Therefore, he can overcome obstacles disproportionately higher than himself, if they only provide a sufficient catch point. In addition, service dogs are required to be able to overcome an obstacle with a retrieve in their mouth. You just shouldn't expect young dogs, especially heavy breeds jump over obstacles that are too high.