Fast defensive dogs and purebred Yorkies

Fast defensive dogs and purebred Yorkies

Certainly, defense dogs are very fast and courageous, therefore they will effectively defend our property. Therefore, that they are incredibly bright, they learn quickly, and because of their courage, they are often used in dangerous actions carried out by the police. also, characterized by an acute sense of smell, So they are effective in finding drugs or explosives or finding missing people. A, most importantly in the pursuit, e.g.. behind the thief are not afraid to climb and jump through the windows.

Of course, When it comes to guard dogs, boxers are the most recognizable, which are distinguished by a compact body structure, square silhouette and strong bones. However, their hallmark is a broad head with a short muzzle and a nose that is set back in truffle. Primarily, they are very vigilant pets, which are incredibly lively. One of their greatest advantages is tremendous obedience. Except that, they are faithful, especially with children, therefore they are the perfect company for them. Certainly, it is their point of honor to protect you, all your family and your belongings.

Another guard dogs, which should be mentioned, are Dobermans characterized by an elegant square silhouette. There is no doubt about it, that they are extremely agile, strong and incredibly enduring pets. Otherwise, training them shouldn't cause us any problems, provided we have a strong personality. also, they become attached to their family very quickly and are ready to defend it at any time of the day or night. The powerful Rottweilers are also worth mentioning, which, thanks to their athletic build, are fast and strong. They love to perform difficult tasks, are great for e.g.. for herding cattle or for tracking. Primarily, they are calm and completely faithful to their family, but rather, they are usually completely subordinate to only one person.

While, if you are a fan of small dogs, nice Yorkies will be suitable for you, which are very social and do not show aggression towards other pets. also, they are patient with children. Except that, they learn new tricks quickly, they like to show off. Otherwise, they are faithful, but you have to remember about it, to train them properly during the puppy period, because they tend to dominate. They prefer to play and are perfect friends of the household.