Give me a paw – mucus

Give me a paw – This exercise is one of the useless games and only related to the dog's habit, that they too use touch and nudging as a means of drawing attention to each other. Learning is very easy. We just tell the dog to sit down and after entering the slogan “give me a hand” or another we take his paw in hand, then we praise and reward Us Usually, after a few days, the sound of the chosen slogan alone evokes the desired reaction.


I mention this useless game due to its great popularity among lovers of lapdogs and the ease of learning.. Initially, place the dog in a corner, then against the wall, by setting it to the command "serve!” in this position. When it succeeds, we praise and reward. We force the dog to assume a vertical position, holding a tempting morsel in front of him; while striving to receive it, he will try to maintain the appropriate attitude himself. He will get a bite as a reward, which we keep longer and longer as we develop balance and stiffen the back muscles. Over time, the password alone will suffice. On this occasion, it should be recalled, that the dog must not be taught begging at the table. Therefore, this exercise should never be done with mealtimes, and if the dog begged from strangers, you can, ask a helper, to unlearn it