Pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 232 (24. VIII. 1961 r.)

General impression. Medium size dog, about 60-66 cm tall; bitch a bit shorter. Build strong, but not heavy. Individual members of the front and rear legs in regular proportion to each other and to the body. The neck and head are moderately raised when moving smoothly, tail usually inclined upwards, carried more horizontally during revolving. Overall, the dog appears balanced and teachable. A look from under bushy eyebrows seems threatening.

Head. Medium size (23—25 cm in length), not too heavy. Muzzle not too short, rather square, not pointed. War-g i obwisłe, tightly fitting and forming folds at the corners. The bridge of the nose is long and broad, straight, never broken. The leading edge is slightly sloping, not sharply cut. The top of the head is slightly arched, wide, viewed in profile - tallest in the center. The back of the head is not very developed. Medium length ears, set high, not very wide at the base, rounded at the bottom. The root is even across the entire width, reaching slightly above the back of the head. Possibly without folds, not twisted, smooth and close to the head.

Slightly oval eyes, medium size, clear, not convex or sunken, Brown, however not hawks. The eyelids fit tightly around the entire circumference. The eyebrows are profuse and bushy, arching outwards. Broad nose, with open nostrils, strongly muscled, dark brown or light brown - depending on the color of the coat.

Neck. The average length, strong, slightly bent in the neck, gradually widening towards the breast, without dewlap.

Torso. Viewed from the front, the chest is moderately broad, in profile - deep. Ribs well sprung, never flat. The back is broad and straight. Loins as wide and short as possible. Both the back and the loins are strongly muscled. Croup not too short, not very steep. Belly tight, especially in weaknesses, moderately tucked up.

Front limbs. Shoulders obliquely positioned, elbows not turned in or out. Forearm and pasterns straight and well developed, not bent in the wrist. Toes well arched and tightly knit. Legs seen from the front - round. The pads are large and springy. Nails strongly curved.

Hindquarters. Zad, muscular thigh and lower leg; the lower leg at a moderate angle for jumping, not too steep and not too sloping, as u charter. Metatarsus not too oblique, almost straight under the ankle joint. Hocks viewed from behind, neither twisted nor out, nor inward.

Tail. The average length, usually slightly curved upwards, not set too low. The plantation is solid, gradually tapering towards a not very thin tip. Slight trimming of the tail permitted. The remainder is at least half the distance from the base of the tail to the hock

Robe. Hair on the body approx 4 cm, loosely fitting and unidirectionally arranged, elastic, hard, resembling bristles. Directly under the shoulder blades and at the bottom of the torso, the hair extends slightly from the neck through the center of the breast and belly. Yes, that the longer hair directed straight down creates short, light fringes or feathers. There is often barely noticeable undercoat all over the body, thicker in winter, rarer or completely disappearing in summer. The overall impression is decisive, not measurement.

On the muzzle, the hair forms a moderate beard. The hair is short and rough on the bridge of the nose. Long and soft unacceptable, dangling. Hair is flat on the head, short and hard. The ears are slightly longer than those of short-haired dogs, especially harder than theirs, but not as rough as on the head. Head devoid of soft hair, woolly or silky, except for a moderate beard and eyebrow. Bushy eyebrows, dense, facing up. Short hair on the front side of the legs, hard and flat. On the back side of the front legs, the hair forms a slightly extended feather, extending from the elbow to the wrist. On the hind legs there is a weak feather on the back reaching only to the hock joint. Tail profusely hairy; the hair is slightly longer at the bottom, however, it does not form a brush or a feather. The hair runs along the tail like this, that the longer ones - on the lower side - form a straight line.

Ointment. Brown and white, seemingly mixed with gray-brown or with single larger patches.

Increase. Height at the withers: dog 60-66 cm, bitch a bit shorter.

Disadvantages. Construction awkward and heavy; reconstruction. Sway ridge, head too big, conically shaped at the back, with too pronounced occiput. Ears too long, undulating, fleshy. Nose black or flesh-colored and split. Eyelids not tight (enlarged lacrimal sacs). Forelegs curves; elbows protruding or tied. Paws set outwards, flat or with open fingers. A slight tan or two-tone brown color is acceptable, while black ears are defective, yellow or brown markings on the head and legs.

The following robe features are also undesirable: parting of hair on the back, their presence between the fingers; otherwise the hair is short, soft and protruding or semi-soft (goat), beyond the chin and eyebrows; predominance of white.