A healthy diet for pets

A healthy diet for pets

Animal love passes through the stomach: each responsible owner and owner should pay attention to a healthy diet of their own pet. But what food is right for your cat or dog? Here are some tips.

Opinions are so different on almost no other topic, as in the diet of pets. What's healthy for cats and dogs? Should the owners prepare their own food, prepare raw pet food or ready-made food for your pet? Who is asking, receives very different responses and opinions. When it comes to animal nutrition, there is one thing to keep in mind.

It depends on the need for energy and nutrients

When it comes to the diet of dogs and cats, this should as far as possible be adapted to the nutritional and energy needs of the animals. Both are dependent on factors, such as age, race or gender. Existing diseases also play an important role – as well as the activity of the animal. For example, a free-range cat usually needs more food than a domestic cat, because the latter does not move that often and is not so physically active.

And what food is suitable for your dog and cat?

One thing is for sure: a healthy animal needs healthy food. Only then can it lead to vitality and long life. The owner has to take care of this. Because unlike humans, dogs and cats don't necessarily have a choice of this, what they eat, what not. As a rule, animals depend on it, what you get from the pet owner. Consequently, the owners bear great responsibility.

Nutrition of the dog and cat: Blend

Basically, in the case of pet food, the more natural it is, the better for the animal's organism – good condition for a long and healthy life. Cats and dogs are carnivores. Your food should therefore be a balanced combination of proteins, nutrients and carbohydrates. However, in the case of the content of artificial additives, flavor additives, dyes or preservatives, you should give up such food.

Is the diet appropriate?

You are it, what are you eating – this also applies to animals. Whether, are you doing everything right with regard to nutrition, you will recognize some of the signs.

Belong to them:
-Your pet is of normal weight.
-Your pet has healthy teeth and good breath.
-Your pet has a silky one, shiny coat.
-Your pet does not excrete solid waste more than twice a day.
-Your pet is active and has a healthy appetite.

These signs do not apply to your pet? Then it's time, to act and give up the diet.

Bad diet causes, that the pet is sick

Healthy food, that meets your pet's energy and nutritional needs, is important – not only for that, to make him look healthy, but also healthy.

Because improper diet can lead not only to obvious discomfort in the digestive tract, overweight and underweight, but also cause a weakening of the immune system, and thus cause other diseases.

If you are unsure about your nutrition, it is best to contact a veterinarian. He will definitely help you and he will only want that, what's best for your pet.