Model entered in the FCI register under the number 190a (5. VII. 1964 r.)

He is a descendant of peasant guard dogs. Its silhouette resembles a lighter one, colored kuvasz, and also the Podhale region of Poland. It is now (mainly in both German states) a typical guard and defense dog.

General impression. Working dog, powerful, not heavy, "hard” and resistant to atmospheric influences, good jumper and runner. Perfect watchman - fearless, perceptive, quickly responsive to stimuli. Sex characteristics are clearly differentiated. Deep voice, strong and full.

Head. Massive construction, with a arched broad forehead. Skin tightly fitting. The bridge of the nose is straight, not too long and not too short; its length is almost equal to the distance separating the poll from the leading edge. Nose well developed, lips tightly fitted. Ears in shape and size harmonized with the head; set high, drooping; triangular turbinate lobes, loosely fitting to the head, cover the ear holes. Strong scissor bite. Forceps bite allowed, but it lowers the grade, and only conditionally tolerated in dogs intended for breeding.

Neck. Strongly built and of medium length, profusely hairy, but no mane.

Torso. The length of the body is greater than the height at the withers. Chest broad, deep, strongly muscled. Tight back, Croup slightly truncated, not too long.

Front limbs. Simple and strong, profusely hairy, flexible hocks, not steep. The angle between the shoulder blade and the upper arm is straight.

Hindquarters. Well angulated and strongly muscled. Wide ankle joint. Hard soles. Dewclaws not allowed.

Tail. Long and strongly muscled. It reaches below the ankle joint, but not to the ground. Saggy in peace, and raised in excitement and attack.

Ointment. Black, black and tan with characters (white spots allowed), light and tan, blond (dark blond desirable). Eye color, nose and claw harmonized (not too clear).

Increase. Height at the withers: shrink 60-70 cm, bitches 55-65 cm. Downward and upward deviation up to 5% lower the grade and the condition of keeping the dog in the breeding. Exceeding the measure up or down by more than 5% disqualifies the dog from breeding and evaluation.

Non-Disqualifying Defects. Steep rear, slightly protruding ears.

Disqualifying Defects. Strongly protruding ears, Undershot mouth, dewlap or loose skin on the neck, swayed back, rebuilt croup.