How to become a dog breeder?

How to become a dog breeder?

Breeding purebred dogs has become more and more fashionable recently, but you need to know about it, that not everyone is fit to lead it. Primarily, you have to be a fan of quadrupeds, understand their needs, and be sensitive to their suffering. Of course, to become a dog breeder, does not need to have a veterinary education, although it is very useful. Certainly, a prerequisite is to master the knowledge of the history and reproduction of dogs.

Otherwise, we must know, what characterizes the race, we are going to breed, what are the breeding conditions for dogs, their selection and mating. Information on this is also essential, how to look after a pregnant bitch and small puppies. There is no doubt about it, that it is a very responsible task, but also time-consuming, because the dogs need to be fed properly, but also properly cared for, so that they look beautiful.

Except that, a good breeder is proud of his breeding, He is happy to boast about it and talks passionately about caring for animals. Otherwise, without much trouble, can select a show puppy from a litter, which is suitable for taking part in dog shows or beauty contests. He also does not spare on providing them with adequate health care, dba o to, that all necessary vaccinations are made on time, moreover, he cares about the future of his charges and will not hand them over to the wrong person, because dogs are the most important for him, and not the profits made by selling them.

Certainly, one should also mention numerous formalities, which are associated with breeding purebred dogs. Primarily, According to the regulations of breeding purebred dogs of the Kennel Club in Poland, only a person can be a dog breeder, who has at least one bitch, that is, which has finished 18 months (except for a few breeds) and after graduation 15 months she won in any class from two judges at least 3 excellent or very good grades, but one must be at a club or international show. Then the puppies are registered with the aforementioned compound, but we also have to take into account the entry fees, pedigree, registration of the dog and the annual membership fee.