The English pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 124

The Irish water spaniel is a breed completely different from other spaniels. Its popularity in England is not as great as that of other breeds of this group, probably due to its eccentric appearance. In hunting clubs, however, dogs of this breed enjoy great recognition as unmatched in hunting. They also gained recognition in the USA, especially in the southern states.

General impression. The Irish Water Spaniel is a hunting breed to work with on all kinds of hunting, especially for birds. He should reveal his abilities to perform the related tasks at first glance. It is characterized by a compact structure, is strong, intelligent, persistent and zealous.

Head. Quite big, high arched in the cerebral part, quite long and wide, covered with long curls, forming a distinct friz between the eyes. The muzzle is long, strong and slightly angular with a moderate leading edge, smooth. Big nose, well developed, liver color. The whole is characterized by refined elegance. Eyes relatively small, Brown, shiny and alive. Very long ears, the shape of a flake of skin, low set, hanging tightly to the cheeks and covered with long curls. The teeth are regular and close in a normal bite.

Neck. Well seated in the shoulder blades, strong, bent and quite long, carried fairly well over the back. The back and sides of the neck are covered with curls similar to these, which are present on the torso. Throat smoothly hairy; in this part - from the base of the mandible to the sternum - smooth hair forms a V-shaped spot.

Torso. The right size, makes a trough impression, underlined by the ribs. Deep chest, with a large circumference, with ribs so arched behind the shoulder blades, to appear barrel-shaped at normal width and curved between the front legs. Zebra far back. Short back, wide and even, strongly associated with the croup. Deep and wide loins.

Front limbs. Shoulders strongly built and oblique. Legs well angulated and straight; the lower arm goes into the lower arm, straight from elbow to wrist, viewed from the front, in line with the shoulder blade.

Hindquarters. Strong, with long, with well-defined knees and a low ankle joint. Long paws, rounded and expanded, profusely covered with hair on the toes and between the toes.

Tail. Characteristic for this breed, straight, short, thick at the base and tapering to a fine tip. Set low, carried straight, below the level of the back, stretched lengthwise should not reach the ankle joint. The epiphyseal part of the tail is about 7.5-9 cm long and covered with curls, the rest is bare or covered with straight, fine hair.

Robe. It consists of dense ones, compact, not woolly rings. The hair at the base is greasy. Front legs with feathers in curls or rings all the way from the toes; feathers abundant all around, however from the front it looks rough. Hind legs below the knees smooth at the front, on the back with feathers down to the feet.

Ointment. Juicy liver with a purple tinge or coating characteristic of this breed, and sometimes turning into a dark brown liver shade.

Increase. Height at the withers: shrink 53-58 cm, bitches 51-56 cm.

Chody. Its gait is different from any other breed of spaniel.