Pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 206a (1964 r.)

Englishmen, a nation of sailors and merchants, have long ago imported a dog from Japan called japanese or japan-tsin in England. He found a group of lovers and breeders in England, who formed the club and established the standard of this breed. The homeland of this breed is Japan. The dog belongs to the peace group, is called the "Japanese spaniel."” .

In the Seimu era (year 732) this dog was offered to the emperor as a tribute to the country of Shiragua (today's Korea). It probably came to Japan from Chinese territory; comes from the same group as Pekingese and Pug. That little dog, a favorite of the ladies of the highest society, became typical of all of Japan. It is a Japanese breed that is best known and recognized all over the world.

General impression. A small dog with a large and flat head, covered with abundant fur, combining graceful elegance with great "dignity”. The height at the withers is almost equal to the length of the dog. A docile and charming dog. He is a typical salon worker and very vigilant at the same time. When he becomes nervous, he raises a shrill scream and does not easily calm down.

Head. Relatively large. In the cerebral part, it is wide and rounded at the front. The leading edge is clearly marked. Eyes set on the sides of the head, round, convex, dark, shiny. The ears are small, wedge-shaped, decorated with long feathers, widely spaced, slightly hanging towards the front and close to the sides of the head. Extremely short profile. Big nose, black or dark flesh-colored nostrils, according to the color of the coat. The muzzle is wide and short. Teeth white and strong. The lower jaw is forward.

The neck is a distinctive feature of this breed - it is very bent. It causes, that the head is carried high, as if the dog looked loftily at the surroundings, lifting its nose.

Torso. High withers, well developed. Chest broad and deep. The ribs are moderately sprung. Short back, straight. Loins strong, slightly arched. Belly tucked up. Sex organs well developed.

Front limbs. Simple, thin, decorated with long feathers, little paws, hare, strong soles, black claws.

Hindquarters. Well positioned, profusely hairy. Paws, soles and claws as on the front legs.

Tail. Decorated with abundant feathers, wrapped on the back.

Robe. Soft, silky, straight and long, not too flat. The entire torso - except the head - is covered with abundant fur. Neck, thighs and tail decorated with abundant feathers.

Ointment. White with black or red spots.

Increase. Dog height approx 30 cm (the smaller the higher the valued), bitches a bit smaller.

Chody. "Lofty”, light, dogs raise their paws high, like circus horses.

Minor defects. Short hair. Timidity.

Major flaws. Nose color other than Black, if ointment is white with black patches. The lower jaw is retracted. One-sided cryptorchidism. Pure white ointment without spots.

Disqualifying Defects. Bilateral cryptorchidism.