Pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 128a (22. WE. 1964 r.)

General impression. The dog is compact and stocky with fine lines, free and elegant movements.

Head. Massive in the cerebral part (in relation to the size of the torso), well arched and rounded above the eyes. Black nose with wide open nostrils, very short and upturned. The leading edge is clearly marked. Jaw and mandible angular, wide and deep. Mouth clearly upturned. The lower jaw is wide; the lips come together to create a beautiful finish. Cheeks not sunken under the eyes, but well filled. Very large eyes, dark, widely spaced, with a nice expression. The eyelid gap is angular in relation to the face line. Ears set low, hanging quite flat on the cheeks, very long, decorated with feathers.

Torso. Chest deep and wide. Back short and horizontal.

Limbs. Short and simple.

Tail. With an abundant banner, not carried above the back.

Robe. Long, silky and simple. Slightly wavy allowed. On legs, abundant feathers required for the ears and tail.

Ointment. Black and tan - intensely shiny black with shiny mahogany markings on the face, legs, breasts, on the ears, on the underside of the tail and with spots above the eyes. Tricolor - pearly white background with well-spaced blacks,patches, shiny tan on the cheeks, ears, on the underside of the tail and spots above the eyes. White 'baldness” between the eyes to the forehead. In the Blenheim variety: pearly white background, chestnut patches, symmetrically arranged. Broad fair baldness with a "spot."” in the middle of the forehead. This spot requires light maroon (diameter 18 mm). Color red - uniformly intensely chestnut.

Time. The most desirable 3.2-5.6 kg.

Disadvantages. The presence of white hair on the chest in black and tan and chestnut dogs is considered a minor defect and white patches as large. Protruding tongue - faulty, although it does not disqualify. Curly coat.