Command – “In place of”

A dog living with its owner should have a permanent bed in the form of a comfortable couch. The animal not only feels comfortable with this place, but also security. Therefore, you should not make him feel uncomfortable, nor exercise with him, when he is in his "asylum."”. Recalling should always be kind, and even though the dog is not listening, it cannot be brutally pulled from its lair. Because we cannot expect too much from a young dog anyway before the ninth month, we don't need to be afraid, that he would become indifferent to orders, if we exclude his own lands from our supremacy.

For the dog to associate the words ,,in place of” with a den, we say this slogan briefly (but not loud) and we lead or carry the dog to his couch. For each attempt to leave the couch, there is an unpleasant reaction for the dog (spicy ,,fe”, short wicker strike or chain throw), which ceases immediately, when the dog returns to its place. It needs to be highlighted that, that this return should be synonymous with pleasure (praise: "Good" "good dog”, stroking and serving tasty morsels). In order to make this corner more pleasant for the dog and to diversify boredom, simultaneously with the slogan a larger bone is thrown onto the lair, which will take him a dispute of time.

Of course, you can't demand a dog, especially young, to stay dead in the lair all day, contrary, he must be given as many opportunities as possible to run freely in the air, in a fenced area - with playmates. These companions may be children. Playing with children by running and frolicking is very useful; only teaching the dog by children can be harmful, because those using coercion and punishment can cause various wrong associations. However, this risk is relatively small, because the dog will rarely consider the child to be the "handler of the pack”, and he knows how to protect himself from too violent symptoms of friendship, whether by escaping, or a defense that is harmless to children. Therefore, one should not exaggerate in fear, that chasing children will "spoil."” dog. Possible unwanted associations, that could arise, can the mener quickly remove it in the course of proper study. On the other hand, children must not be allowed to go with the dog into the area without adult supervision, where the pet might be tempted to wander on its own.

If we do not have our own garden that serves as a run for the dog, more we have to go out with the pupil for longer walks, every day, regardless of the weather, so that the dog can leave. Very young and delicate dogs should be protected against prolonged stay in the rain and frost, on the other hand, the working dog must be toughened. Of course, that only when in motion, a dog can withstand any temperature and changes in weather, so do not expect, so that even the most resistant can cool idly without harm to health or, worse, get wet in the rain or snow. Dogs living in rooms get used to very quickly and wait patiently when they return from a walk, that the guardian will remove mud or snow from their paws.

After this treatment, the dog should be returned to the site. We do the same, when we don't have time or want to take care of it, and we don't want to, to "hang around" around the house. It always has to be sent there while eating, because the dog should not be bothersome at the table. A conviction must be established in him, that there will be no pleasure from a man who eats, and least food. Any leftovers intended for him should be provided at the right time and place or ,,at home "on the couch. When there are guests at home, the dog is allowed to bark to announce when it is entering, but after being welcomed by the host, the dog should go calmly to his lair on command. But then, when there is no need to restrain the dog, he should be allowed to behave freely. It is not necessary to force him to spend all days idle amid the dulling boredom. In his spare time, the dog wants and should be able to dispose of himself and make life observations according to his interests. It can be limited in this way, insofar as his initiative would conflict with our educational or learning intentions or goals. After all, we want an intelligent companion in the dog, not a dummy.

By the way, it should be mentioned, that dogs are particularly sensitive to the so-called. negative magnetic field. So if the dog clearly avoids staying somewhere, this reflex should be taken into account and a different "place" should be chosen, on which we do not observe symptoms of aversion.