Command – Forward

The slogan "forward” the dog should detach from the handler and run in front of him. This is an introduction to revamping, required of all working dogs. Average amateur, who does not use the dog for hunting or business purposes, be satisfied with it, that the dog will run freely to the right or left. Initially, this exercise is carried out in an area free from traffic and other dogs.

When walking with the dog at its leg, we speed up our pace and run a few meters while speaking ,,forward”. This word may be accompanied by a throw of a hand forward. However, it should not be raised above a level parallel to the ground (Raising your arm vertically will have a different meaning); must be strictly adhered to, by individual orders, i.e.. acoustic and optical slogans, did not confuse the dog by similarity. As it progresses, this movement will become less and less emphasized, until at last a slight nod towards you is enough. Anyway, you can limit yourself to the word password itself, if he is learning a non-service dog. In practice, the owner will often only want to use a verbal command or gesture, therefore the dog should be trained for both stimuli, first used together, and later - alternately.

At first, the dog won't know, what is asked of him, but this exercise should not be subject to any painful coercion, so that the password does not trigger the association, that you are driving him away. A call to "go ahead!” it is supposed to be an incentive and a permit to run freely. Therefore, a dog using this permit cannot be brought back to the leg immediately, because he will then lose his orientation. This should be observed especially during the first exercises.

The dog can also develop the wrong association, that unfastening the line is equivalent to the command ,,forward!”. So you have to always make demands of the dog, that after releasing from the rope, he should walk by the leg for a while, and only on orders did he depart. This moment should be of different length each time, because dogs are often endowed with excellent timing and can develop a habit, that in a minute or eg. after traveling 50 steps from the moment of unfastening the rope, the order not yet spoken is executed automatically.

I also do not advise to tolerate, for the dog to follow the handler. It should either run smoothly against the leg, or run freely in front of the lord. Of course, you have to allow for deviations to the right or left, but the dog must always be in sight.