Command – Sit down

Command – Sit down.

This exercise teaches the dog, to the password "sit down!” or "sit down!” he immediately took the desired position. We don't have any of the dog's natural urges to help, which we could use in learning, we must therefore act through unpleasant and pleasant stimuli, alternately following each other.

During the first lessons, we stand sideways to the dog and hold him gently by the neck or under the breast with one hand, the second press the croup. As soon as the dog has sat down, you have to stroke him and praise him or give him a bite as a reward. "Praise” should be in a friendly tone, but calm; too cheerful and lively tone is exciting on the dog and would make him want to stand up. The password "sit!” rather, it should be depressing.

The dog will notice relatively quickly, that if after the signal "sit ” will not take the desired position, there will be an unpleasantness, which ceases with the execution of the order. After a few exercises, when the dog already knows, what is required of him, a slightly sharper compulsion can be used - simultaneously with the command "sit!” there is a quick blow with a wicker rod on the rump. This blow should accelerate the dog and make him sit down in no time. It is not about literal hitting, but for a single short blow, whose strength should be appropriate to the age and temperament of the dog. This blow is meant to be a pain, from which the dog evades by immediately assuming the desired position. Therefore, the dog must not be hit, when he is already sitting, even incorrectly; You can then only correct his posture by proper positioning. Vigorous measures can only be used with an older dog; the young must be dealt with more gently and with understanding.

After a few days of exercise, the dog should obey the order efficiently. -We react to attempts at uprising by hitting a rod and sharply repeating the slogan "sit down!”. We calmly praise for correct sitting. However, the dog must remember, that stroking is not a releasing stimulus. The dog should sit, until he is canceled with the slogan “rise” or any other, but always the same.