Spotted Dalmatians

Spotted Dalmatians

The spotted Dalmatians probably come from Dalmatia, hence their name. They used to be hounds in the past, therefore they are very lively and playful, especially for the race. Primarily, they are very intelligent pets, that learn quickly, so there should be no major problems with training them. Of course, We should start their training from the puppy period, so that the pet does not cause us any problems later. There is no doubt about it, that their distinguishing marks are brown patches that contrast wonderfully with the white color.

Certainly, it is worth highlighting this, that Dalmatians get attached to their owners very quickly and endure loneliness terribly, that's why when we have to go away and leave our pet for a long period, it is best to provide him with company, that he would not suffer from loneliness. Otherwise, Dalmatians are very brave animals, ready to defend their family when necessary, but at the same time it should be noted, that they are not aggressive dogs. Therefore, they are perfect as companions for children, because they are patient, they forgive the little ones, e.g.. ear jerking and they are prone to antics. But it is important, to explain to the toddler, how to handle a dog and that it is living creatures, not a toy, because dogs of this breed are quite massive and could inadvertently crush a kid during reckless play.

There is no doubt about it, that Dalmatians need a lot of exercise, therefore, we should give them the opportunity to pass through, however, we should not take our eyes off them, because when the opportunity presents itself, could go off on a multi-day trip, which would be a huge threat to them, because they would certainly not be able to find their place in an urban environment. Otherwise, Dalmatians have thin fur, therefore, they are very bothered by frosts, and also hot weather, that's why it's worth keeping them at home. This fact is supported by this, that they don't leave much hair, e.g.. on the carpet, they obey and only need love and interest to be happy.

Another advantage is their good memory, thanks to which they quickly absorb new content and remember it more easily, what are they allowed, and what does not. also, they are faithful companions, ready to make many sacrifices for the good of their family.