Model entered in the FCI register under the number 70a (20. I. 1967 r.)

In recent years, this breed has started to compete in the show rings with the Wirehaired Fox Terrier, from which it differs practically only with a slightly shorter head and a smaller build.

General impression. Alive, with a happy disposition, brave.

Head. Well balanced. In the cerebral part, it is flat and noble. The muzzle is broad, with strong jaws, not too long; length from the leading edge to the tip of the nose no more, than the distance between the poll and the leading edge. Black nose. Dark or hazel eyes. Moderately small ears, V shape, worn busy. Teeth equal, scissor bite (the upper teeth closely overlapping the lower ones).

Neck. Slender.

Torso. Chest proportionally narrow. Strong back, moderately short, well tied.

Front limbs. Simple, well angulated. Shoulders extending far back.

Hindquarters. Strong and muscular. Thighs long and well-muscled, knees evenly aligned, hock joints low and straight. Little paws, round, with tight toes and strong heels.

Tail. Well seated, carried merrily, but not folded over the back.

Robe. Dense and compact (impermeable), rough, with good lining.

Ointment. Black and tan, blue and tan, Red, straw, red gray, liver, blue or black. Small white spots on feet and breasts acceptable. The color of mahogany or dark gray is not typical.

Body dimensions. Average dog weight approx 8 kg, suki 7 kg. Height at the withers to 36 cm.

Disadvantages. Head too long, ears set too high or too low, slanting eyes. These disadvantages make, that the lakeland's appearance is atypical.