The only thing that distinguishes them from shorthaired dachshunds is their longer length, silky hair.

Robe. Soft hair, smooth, shiny, longer at the neck, on the lower abdomen, but mostly on the ears and back of the limbs, where they form distinct feathers; the longest hair on the lower side of the tail. Hair on the ears falling to the lower edge of the pinna. Short hair on tip of ear undesirable. Too much paw hair is messy and impractical.

Color. As in the case of short-haired dachshunds.

Tail. It creates a harmonious extension of the spine line and the hair is the longest on it; form a complete banner.

Mistakes. Too abundant, evenly long hair on the whole body, frizzy or bristling hair, no tail banners, hair strongly parted at the back or too long on the toes.

Minor defects, excluding the assessment "excellent”. Ears not set properly, protruding, pointed or wavy. The leading edge is too pronounced. Mouth too sharp, weak. Post-waxing toothing. Head too wide, short. Eyes bulging or light in gray and spotted dachshunds or not dark enough in other colored. Neck short or with skin folds. Hair too fine or too fine. Mass over 9 kg.

Defects that do not allow for a better grade than "good”. The construction was weak, high legacy or excessive low legacy. Torso hanging in shoulder blades. The gait was sluggish, awkward ,swaying. The toes point inward or strongly outward, or not short-circuited. Sway ridge, carp fish, taller at the rear than at the front. Chest too weak. Poorly developed loins. Limbs (front or rear) badly angulated. Cow or barrel stance. Light eyes in other varieties than gray or spotted. Bad hair.

Disqualifying Defects. Undershot, wrist folds and very loose shoulder blades. Vestigial tail, one thing- or bilateral cryptorchidism, chest deflected. Dogs with such defects are not entered in the pedigree book of the dachshund breeders club (D.T.Kl.).

Division of dachshunds aged at least 15 months for classes according to body weight:

- heavy type: dogs over 7 kg, bitches over 6,5 kg;

- light type: dogs to 7 kg, bitches to 6,5 kg;

- dwarf type: dogs to 4 kg, bitches to 3,5 kg.

Chest circumference of a dwarf dachshund 35 cm, u jamnika na króliki (Rabbit dachshund) 30 cm.