Moose – Moose moose

Moose – Moose moose

The moose is the largest animal of the deer family in Europe. In Europe, it occurs in the north and northeast, from where it exceptionally moves to the west and south-east. Although it is related to deer, they have neither grace nor slenderness. It is massive, as if roughly hewn. Its elongated head is angular, snout long and pendulous. The long hair on the nape forms a mane, loose skin hangs under the chin. Widely branched antlers of the length of the stolons (the spread of tick antlers at their greatest spread) do 2 m, may weigh 20 kg. The body weight of an adult bull is 320-450 kg, some individuals may weigh over 500 kg (1). Klępa (female) (2) weighs 275-375 kg. The length of the bull is 2-3 m, height at the withers - 180-235 cm. Despite its size and considerable body weight, it moves with ease.

Moose they live in deciduous and mixed forests, but they prefer the swampy tundra. Seemingly muddy areas are not suitable for such heavy animals, but as it walks, the feet of the moose widen, and their increased surface prevents collapse. The footprint of the moose is 10-20 cm long and 9 13 cm wide (3). The moose is not afraid of water: dips up to the chest, swims well and eagerly nibbles water plants. It causes considerable damage to deciduous trees, because his daily nutritional requirement is 10-30 kg.

Bukowisko (mating season) in moose it occurs in August and September, sometimes it takes longer. Bulls fight like deer, making audible roars from a distance. Polygamy is not as common as deer.

As a rule, one bull fertilizes only one curse and therefore fights are less frequent and not so violent. Gestation lasts 225-240 days. In April or May, Klępa gives birth to one or two young, weighing 10-16 kg (4).

Antlers moose they are broths with suckers (the so-called. shovel form) (1), but it may be limited to simple ticks (5), the so-called. form badylarza, less valued by hunters. As the antlers develop, the elk gets used to its weight. When the poles fall, one after another, the moose twists its neck and turns its head to maintain its balance.

Only stalkers are hunted (5). Game species.