The English pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 264 (5. XI. 1964 r.)

Jest najpotężniejszym psem europejskim. Najbardziej przypomina asyryjskiego molosa i rzymskie psy bojowe. Na wystawach przeważnie występuje w pojedynczych egzemplarzach, bowiem mało jest hodowli utrzymujących takiego kolosa.

General impression. Big dog, massive, powerful, harmonijnie zbudowany — połączenie wielkości z łagodnością i odwagi z pojętnością. Głowa oglądana ze wszystkich stron robi wrażenie graniastej. Szerokość jej pożądana proporcjonalna w stosunku do długości — jak 2 : 3. Tułów masywny, wide, deep, silnie zbudowany, wsparty na kończynach szeroko rozstawionych i graniasto osadzony. Mięśnie wyraźnie zaznaczone. Szczególne znaczenie ma wielkość, ale w połączeniu z innymi cechami. Bardzo ważne zharmonizowanie wysokości z masą ciała.

Head. W części mózgowiowej szeroka między uszami. Czoło płaskie i przy napiętej uwadze pomarszczone. Powieki lekko wzniesione (łuk nadoczny), the temporal and cheek muscles are slightly marked. A furrow runs along the cranial vault, beginning with the crease between the eyes and running almost to the middle of the head.. The face party (mouth) short, wide, almost square and truncated under the eyes, makes almost a right angle, deep from the nose to the lower jaw. The mandible is wide along its entire length. Broad nose, flat; viewed in profile, it is neither sharp nor upturned, with wide open nostrils. The lips form an obtuse angle with the nasal septum and are slightly pendulous, therefore they have an angular appearance in profile. The ratio of the length of the muzzle to the length of the entire head as 1 : 3; head circumference ratio (measured in front of the ears) how 3 : 5. Small eyes, widely spaced, separated by a space at least a pair of eyes wide. The septum between the eyes is clearly marked, but not too harsh. Dark hazel eye color; the darker it is, the better. Third eyelid not visible. The ears are small, thin, widely spaced, seated at the highest point on the side of the head, being, in a way, an extension of its level line. When the dog is calm, they lie flat on the cheeks. Canines strong and set wide apart; incisors equal or lower slightly protruding in front of the upper ones yes, that they are not visible when the mouth is closed.

Neck. Slightly bent, moderately long, well muscled.

Torso. Chest broad, deep and low set, between the forelegs. Ribs arched and rounded. The pseudo ribs extend far back and deep, all the way to the hips. Chest circumference o 1/3 greater than the height at the withers. Back and loins broad and muscular, flat, very wide in bitches, slightly arched in dogs. Flat flanks. The back is wide and muscular.

Front limbs. Shoulder and shoulder slightly oblique, strong and muscular. Straight legs, strong and widely set, thick bones. Angular elbows. Straight pastern.

Hindquarters. Well developed thighs. Hocks well angulated, widely spaced and parallel, both standing and walking. The feet are wide and round. Toes well arched, black claws.

Tail. It reaches up to or slightly below the ankle joint, thick and tapering at the end; hangs straight in a relaxed dog, erected in excitement, however not above the ridge.

Robe. Short and close fitting, but not too delicate on the shoulder blades, neck and back.

Ointment. Peach or silvery, fawn or dark brindle. Kufa, eyes and nose required black. The rims of the eyelids are black. Black widening around the perimeter.

Body dimensions. This pattern does not take this data into account. Height at the withers is practically required above 75 cm. The larger the overall harmony of the figure, the better. Mass over 75 kg, but there are specimens weighing more than 90 kg.