Disgrace of vices

Disgrace of vices.

Like everywhere, yes, and when raising a dog, a maxim applies: prevention is more effective than cure. So if the owner will notice, that his charge is undertaking some undesirable activity, should respond to it immediately, so still in the process of doing this, to respond with discipline or punishment. You have to try hard, that as far as possible the punishment in the dog should not be associated with the person of the master.

If the dog jumps on the couch, we call on him ,,fe” with a simultaneous impact with a wicker switch, a slingshot or a chain throw. A punished dog will quickly associate the announcement of unpleasant consequences with the word "fe" and then, at the mere sound of it, abandons the forbidden activity. Lounging on furniture is the result of a dog's faulty upbringing, who was occasionally allowed to do so, what else is frowned upon. If we purchased a dog with this defect, it can be unlearned relatively quickly by the described procedure.

It happens, that the dog would associate the sorrow with the presence of the master, and not with forbidden furniture, in other words, he will understand: “Lying on the bed in the presence of the master is unpleasant”. Nothing will help here, if we punish the dog after returning home. At most, we will arouse distrust and fear by juxtaposing ourselves with sorrow, He must be otherwise disgusted with a forbidden place, also in his absence. Often it is enough to sprinkle the furniture with pepper or sprinkle it with perfume, what dogs hate. In persistent cases, you can construct a simple one, light scaffolding made of several sticks, on which the old pot is placed. The dog, jumping on the sofa, will knock him down on himself or on the floor, and the noise caused by the fall of the tin vessel will teach him to respect the furniture. The weight of the scaffolding and the pot should not be too heavy. It is not so much about inflicting pain, what a scare.

Another unpleasant habit is this, that the dog, when greeting the owner or household members, jumps on them with its front paws. Such joyful symptoms are usually accompanied by staining or tearing clothes, or knocking off objects held in the hand. However, you must not get angry and punish your dog for affection. So it's best to use a trick. We embrace the dog jumping out happily, praising and stroking it, but at the same time we are moving forward, for the dog to lose its balance and fall on its back (of course on the floor, and not on the edge of the piece of furniture). You can also step on him "by accident” on the paw and continue to greet him. After several similar experiences, the dog will remember, that it is dangerous to climb the lord, and it's nice to greet him on all fours.

One of the vices acquired by the dog through the fault of the master is to open the door. This art does not need to be taught to the dog, it can be hit, that he would open the door, to go for a walk, and the unwanted guest will benefit from it. If the dog even comes up with the idea of ​​pressing the handles, he should be disgusted quickly, and not rejoice in the proof of unquestionable intelligence.