The English pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 16a (1963 r.)

English name - old English sheepdog. Today, only a luxurious representative dog with a characteristic shaggy body and bear-like gait. Very nice, with a calm disposition and extraordinary attachment. Despite the name suggesting the native of the breed, English cynologists derive it from the Russian Shepherd Dog or Briard (looking for comparisons, one might find a resemblance to a very large Polish Lowland Sheepdog with too fluffy hair). His coat requires constant care. It should be protected against getting wet, because it dries very long.

General impression. Strong dog, rather stocky, with proportional structure, completely covered with very abundant fur. It is never leggy. Capable of running in a springy canter, but when he walks and jogs he moves slowly. His voice is loud with a characteristic gurgling noise.

Head. In the cerebral part, it is capacious and rather square, with a well sprung forehead and completely covered with abundant hair. The leading edge is distinct, not greedy. Teeth strong and large, equal, regular. Upper and lower jaw of moderate length, strong, angular and blunt. The nose is always black, wide. Dark or fish eyes. The ears are small, carried flat on the sides of the head, moderately hairy.

Neck. Pretty long, nicely bent and very hairy.

Torso. Short and very compact. Withers lower than the sacrum of the back. Chest deep and roomy; ribs well sprung. Loins very strongly muscled and slightly arched. Rounded back, muscular.

Front limbs. Simple, with strong bones, well supporting the torso, not too long; profusely hairy. Oblique shoulder blades, converging at the tops.

Hindquarters. Low hock joint. Buttocks covered with long ones, thick hair, more abundant than in the rest of the body. Little paws, round; toes well arched, thick and hard soles.

Tail. If puppies are born with a tail, it should be trimmed in the first week after birth.

Robe. The cover hair is abundant and clearly hard, not easy, lecz kosmate, but not curly either. Waterproof lining, very dense - if not plucked.

Ointment. All shades of gray, blue with or without little patches. Beige and various shades of brown undesirable.

Increase. Height of the dog above the withers 55 cm. Bitches slightly shorter.

The type is of greater importance in the evaluation, harmonious build and disposition of the dog; Therefore, growth cannot be put in the first place at the expense of these features.

Disadvantages. Long narrow head.