Canadian model entered in the FCI register under the number 211 (25. WE. 1959 r.)

He is a rather rare visitor at exhibitions, but - like other draft dogs - it is beginning to be popular in European sports cynology. In the countries of Western Europe, especially in Switzerland, a new sport was launched on the fields of alpine glaciers - dog sled racing - similar to the ones we know only from London's novels.

General impression. A dog with a wolf expression, about piercing gaze, fiery, sometimes even contemptuous, especially when she raises her lips (laughs). Constantly vigilant.

Neck. Short, strong and very muscular.

Torso. Rather long and straight, ribs well sprung. Chest harmonious deep and slightly tucked up.

Front limbs. Strong bones and good muscles. Simple and not too long, but flexible at the joints.

Hindquarters. Medium length back, powerful, very muscular, moderately angulated, Both thighs and lower leg are strongly developed. Paws are wide, long and rather flat, thick, well protected by hair between the toes. Claws strong. Petite, a very tight paw is unfavorable on snowy surfaces.

Tail. Broad and very hairy, carried curled on the back.

Robe. Abundant hair creates a coat of hair 5 to 15 cm long. The long-haired variety has 12- bristle fur. 20 cm. Both varieties have a woolly and dense undercoat.

Ointment. Irrelevant.

Body weight. Dog 30-50 kg, like 25-40 kg. With equal values, the stronger dog is rated higher.