Dog in the means of transport

Dog in the means of transport.

Teach your dog to sit still or lie down in any means of transport. You can carry a dachshund or other small dog with you in a backpack while riding a bike.

To the car, carriages, of the tram and railroad car, the dog should enter in front of the master. For this purpose, we practice it in jumping on a horse-drawn carriage, to the car or even- on the table. When getting into the boat, however, tell the dog to wait at the pier or landing site, until we get in ourselves. We show him the place in the boat or in the car, where to lie or sit. In the car, the dog should never sit next to the driver, but always in the rear seat or on the floor behind the front seat. Better yet, when a dog in a station wagon has a separate postage ,,playpen”. In the West, they produce seat belts for dogs. Do not allow your dog to peer out of a tilted window, which can lead to conjunctivitis, and undisciplined dogs, underestimating the speed, can jump out. The dog must not be locked in the trunk or parked in a locked car, which in summer becomes life-threatening temperature.

Getting off the train car or tram takes place in reverse order. First you go out, and the dog should wait (sitting) on a command and only when he hears it - to jump out, sit on the left of the master, and then walk next to him by the leg. From the car, First we send the dog in carriages or boats, but as soon as it pops up, we immobilize him with an order, to sit down or lay down.

You can never allow association, that freedom follows immediately after disembarking. The dog must always walk a shorter or longer distance at the master's leg, and only after the appropriate password is allowed to exercise his freedom. This is extremely important and must always be followed, because otherwise the dog, after forced inactivity during the journey, will give full vent to its temperament and start to perform crazy frolics on the platform or on the street, which is not safe, neither looks nice.