Pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 216 (13. XI. 1959 r.)

General impression. The ideal is a heavy type pointer, covered with not too long coarse hair, stiff.

Head. Moderately long, wide, rough-haired with a beard and thick eyebrows. Long and broad muzzle (not narrow and not pointed like a poodle) is desirable. Steep leading edge. The back of the nose resembles the upturned silhouette of the pointer's muzzle. Medium-sized ears, flatly attached, not thick and not fleshy, rather pointed than rounded, with sufficient hair cover. Big eyes, about the hawkish expression, yellow to golden brown in color.

Neck. The average length, dry, muscularly bent in the neck. In breeding, particular attention should be paid to the elimination of individuals with flatworm, a weakly muscled neck.

Torso. High withers, long and full. Chest moderately broad and very deep. Ribs well sprung. The back is short and wide; loins very muscular, wide hips. Croup long, moderately sloping, well muscled.

Front limbs. Simple. Oblique shoulder blades, wide, long, tight fitting, full (expressive muscles). Long arm and arm, strongly muscled. Elbow joint far back. Tendons clearly defined.

Hindquarters. Properly angulated; strong muscles, long, appropriate thickness. The hock joint is placed quite far back and situated high, strongly angulated. Front and rear legs vertical when viewed from behind. Round paws. Palce black. Well-developed pads required. Short hair on the paws and fingers.

Tail. Light, seated like a pointer, carried straight, hair coarse on it, not forming banners. The puppy's tail is trimmed to this length, to cover the vulva of a bitch, and the scrotum of the dog.

Body dimensions. In breeding, the aim is to maintain the height at the withers of 60-65 cm. Dogs below 56 cm, and the bitches below 54 cm cannot be entered in the pedigree book under any circumstances. The length of the torso in relation to the height as 10:9.

Robe. Medium length hair makes for the perfect robe, rough and dense. Shorthair is required for the lower limbs.

Ointment. Color of dried leaves or brown. Any white color is unacceptable, black and too light and streaked, if not limited to small meanings.

Even though the poodle-pointer is a breed recognized by German breeders (V.D.H.) and by the FCI, I do not consider it a fascination, but for an interracial crossbreed. I express this sentence on the basis of the publications in "Rauhaarblatter” (Griffon breeders' organ emerging in Germany, wire-haired pointer and poodle), from which it follows, that the regulations of the Poodle Breeders Club allow (and in practice this is used) covering bitches with pointers. The hybrids obtained in this way can be wonderful in terms of utility, but as heterozygotes they must produce very heterogeneous litters in later generations. Therefore, I consider importing dogs of this breed to be inadvisable, and at least using them for breeding wirehaired pointers is unacceptable.