Puppies for children

Puppies for children

Many children dream about it, to have your favorite dog, however, not all quadrupeds are patient and can withstand pulling by the tail or the ears. Because, if we are going to give in to our kids' requests and we want to buy them a pet, we have to think carefully about choosing the right breed of dog, which will be the perfect companion for children. Of course, it is extremely important, to explain to the youngest, that the dog is not a toy and should not be hit or yanked, because it hurts him.

What breeds of dogs are the best companions for children?

Primarily, a great friend for the little ones will be the labrador retrievers, because he is incredibly calm, patient, and most importantly, she loves having fun. also, he is very intelligent and is not aggressive towards other pets, so there are no contraindications to this, to make a small zoo in our apartment, e.g.. in the form of a dog, eagle, rabbit and little fish. also, it is also worth betting on the alaskana malamute, who is very attached to the youngest, and you can even say, that he loves them. Except that, he is stoically calm in all situations, even if a kid was stubbornly tugging at his tail.

While, when our kids are a bit older and attend school, they know more and they surely understand it already, that the dog is a living animal, not a mascot and you cannot hurt him. That is why we also have more options when it comes to choosing a dog. Certainly, it is worth betting on friendly beagles or tiny Yorkies, which are great playmates. also, shy child, who has trouble making new friends, Without a doubt, he will find a friend in basset.

Otherwise, when our child is compulsory, we can give him a German Shepherd, who learns quickly, so the toddler can teach him simple commands. Except that, beautiful Dalmatians are welcome, who show angelic patience with the youngest. It is also worth mentioning about the cocker spaniel, because he's funny, sociable and cheerful.

Of course, this should also be emphasized, that even the quietest dogs can become dangerous, when they feel the fear of screaming, beating, with sweeping gestures. Therefore, it is extremely important to educate children, that he is a being, who feels pain, bow, but also love. We also do not forget about proper training of a pedigree dog.