Pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 83.

It is a very old Flemish breed. These dogs have been kept on shoulders for centuries as watchdogs and "rat catchers"”. Their characteristic feature is long hair on the nape of the neck, forming a mane, which bristles when the dog is agitated, and a short tail (in many copies, the residual, in others it is cut short). The coat outside the mane is short. Black and rather dull hair.

Other features like the Spitz, both regarding construction (rather longer in the back) and the shape of the head and disposition. There is also a theory of the origin of this breed from the Groenendal, that is, the Belgian Shepherd Dog.

However, I do not provide a pattern, because this dog rarely appears at shows outside his homeland. Occurs (at exhibitions) in three classes: small 3–5 kg, large 5-9 kg. Specimens below 3 kg are considered dwarfs.