Shepherd dogs and watchdogs

Shepherd dogs and watchdogs

if we want, for the dog to look after our belongings or to guard the flock, it is worth betting on a sheepdog. Primarily, of this breed, quadrupeds get along very well with people, because they helped them look after the animals for centuries, sheep in particular. also, they are characterized by tremendous obedience, for they obey all orders with great docility. Of course, there is no doubt this, that they are great watchmen, and when the need arises, they are ready to fight to defend our property, however, they are not as brave and formidable as fighting dogs. In addition, it is worth highlighting, that they feel best in the company of their guardian or pack, while when they are lonely, are extremely careful.

Certainly, the most recognizable among this breed of dogs is the German Shepherd, who learns everything at a dizzying pace. A, most importantly, it quickly adapts to new living conditions, that is why it has been enjoying great popularity for many years. This should also be mentioned, that he is a very confident animal, which needs a lot of exercise. Except that, he feels completely happy, when it is needed, because he likes to perform various tasks. Otherwise, has a lively temperament and likes to play, therefore it is a great company for children. He is faithful to his family, but he is wary of strangers, but that doesn't mean he's aggressive.

On the other hand, in our country the Tatra Sheepdog enjoys great recognition, who has a strong instinct for his own territory. Another advantage is this, that he can look after the sheep on his own, therefore, training plays a very important role. also, he is extremely teachable and learns everything quickly. Otherwise, works great as a family dog, because she is very companion, but on the other hand, he doesn't trust strangers, against which he is ready to defend his master. There is no doubt about it, that they love being on the move, therefore they should be physically active, make them happy.

One cannot fail to mention the Caucasian Shepherd, because it has a strong character, therefore he likes to dominate and most often obeys only one person- the guide. We should also mention the Belgian Shepherd Dog, also known as malinois, because it is an ideal guard dog, and also works great as a service dog. also, he is very cheerful and playful and needs a lot of exercise.

Breeds not subjected to working trials.

This subgroup is incomparably more numerous. It includes many former pastoral breeds, today, often only preserved thanks to cynological sport. I will only mention, that the Finns reported a lapinporokoira here (FCI 189), a reindeer shepherd. Schapendoes from the Netherlands would deserve a mention, who resembles our lowland sheepdog in command, that similar living conditions and functions, produce the same utility forms in different countries. The Italian cane de pastore maremmano - abruzzese is a further proof of this thesis (FCI 201), which would not stand out in the Tatra Mountains next to our Podhale people, nor in the Hungarian Puszta next to the Kuvasz.

The mountain dogs were usually long-haired, which made them resistant to temperature fluctuations and usually white or bright, that they would be clearly visible and distinguished from wolves, from which among the forests shepherds protected the herds. The dogs of the traders who bought the animals for slaughter did not have to meet these conditions and therefore were rather short-haired and dark..