Pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 208a (2. X. 1970 r.)

He is a slightly larger cousin of the Lhasa Apso. Its name means a lion dog. Despite his small height, he is not a salon, nor a palace dog and in his homeland he acts as a vigilant and courageous guardian of the farmyard.

Shi-tsu breeding tends to keep him in this primal type and fights everything, which would be like a palace Pekingese, who was crucified with him more than once, especially after the first specimens were brought to England at the turn of this century.

General impression. Very busy, alive and alert, about an audacious manner.

Head. Wide and round, with a shaggy hair covering the eyes. The forehead between the eyes is wide. The arrangement of the hair growing above the nose resembles a chrysanthemum. Mouth level or slightly recessed, angular, short, but not wrinkled flat

and hairy. Large beard and mustache. Black nose, bridge of nose from tip to leading edge approx 2,5 cm. Big eyes, dark, round, but not convex. The ears are large and pendulous, embedded below the occiput, so profusely hairy, that it was barely visible among the hair on the back of the neck.

Torso. Well ribbed, the length from the withers to the base of the tail is much greater than the height at the withers. Well tied and stocky. Chest broad and deep, strong shoulder blades, straight back.

Front limbs. Simple, muscular, with good bone, profusely hairy, looking massive.

Hindquarters. Short, simple and muscular, straight when viewed from behind. Thighs full and muscular. Big paws, profusely hairy, they seem massive.

Tail. Set high, profusely hairy and strongly curled on the back.

Robe. Long and dense, but not curly. Dense undercoat.

Ointment. Any colors allowed; a white plaque on the forehead and a white tip of the tail are highly appreciated. Chocolate-patched dogs may have brown noses and lighter eyes. Pigmentation desirable as complete as possible.

Body dimensions. From 4,5 do 8 kg. Height not more than 27 cm. However, racial type and characteristics are the most important and can never be dispensed with, only taking into account the increase.

Disadvantages. Narrow head, shrew-like or snipey muzzle, pink nose and eyebrows, small or light eyes, high-legged, a poor robe.