The dog is sick

The dog is sick

The dog reveals the disease by depression or excessive mobility, the changed expression in my eyes, change in body temperature (normal 38-39 °), heart rate (normally 60-120 strokes, depending on height and age), while large specimens have a slower heart rate, breath (rule 12-28; the smaller individuals, the faster your breathing), lack of appetite and digestive disorders, sometimes with a different gait, whimpering, howling etc..

Leave the sick dog alone, do not give him hard to digest food and bones, do not make him eat, if there is no appetite. The average amateur shouldn't play home treatment as he or she guesses or on the advice of friends, who also give prescriptions to numerous, as well as the bad ones.

In the event of more serious disease symptoms (e.g.. high temperature) see your veterinarian immediately, and if it is impossible at the moment, to really experienced, intelligent breeder. Treating a dog requires extensive knowledge and practice; without it, treatment may do more harm than good. A dog well bred by his master has affection and touching trust in him, so it will allow for many, even painful treatments. He became convinced, that only good things come to him at the hand of his lord. From an early age, your dog should get used to it, to allow himself to see his teeth, to open its mouth, look down the throat, etc.. Such exercises will prove useful both at exhibitions, as well as during any medical examinations, or for the necessary medical or cosmetic procedures.

To diseases, which are the most dangerous and typical for dogs, include rabies and distemper, therefore all prudent owners of these animals vaccinate them against these diseases. Vaccination against rabies is a mass action organized by administrative authorities, which annually in the spring announce the place and date of their performance. It is the responsibility of every dog ​​owner to bring the animal to this procedure, and non-compliance is punishable by law, understandable in view of the danger, what threats to people from dogs suffering from rabies. A dog should be vaccinated against rabies for the first time after 3-4 months of age, and against distemper - in the age 3 months. If there is a distemper epizootic in a given area or the disease was present on the farm or farm in previous years, it is possible to vaccinate an 8-week-old puppy with anti-wax serum. Acquired immunity lasts for 2-3 weeks, it is therefore enough until the dog is vaccinated with the anti-wax vaccine, when she finishes 3 months. The dog is vaccinated against distemper at an age 1 year and repeats every year or two.

I will focus on one disease here, for which there is no cure - senile. The dog is a relatively short-lived animal. Being Twelve Years Old, enters the "retirement age.", although there are 20-year-old and older specimens. A true dog lover will ensure a well-deserved "retirement" for his faithful companion. However, the proverbial spoon of food is not enough; it is all about pleasant living conditions. Pies, who spent a large part of his life in the service or company of his master, it doesn't deserve it, that he would be in a playpen or on "gracious bread" in his old age” in strangers. If someone really is a friend of the dog, in his old age he will not be exposed to such an unpleasant change in relations and surroundings. He is worth as a faithful companion, almost a family member, not only the corner of the house, but also loving care. And so, when due to age or illness he becomes unfit for work, let us allow him to quietly carry out the last days of his life with him. It does not mean, however, that it would be necessary to artificially extend the days of his life then, when an incurable disease, senility or paresis had done him so, that infirmity becomes only suffering for him. When that moment comes, let's consult a vet. If this one decides, that the patient's condition is hopeless, let's recommend it to the doctor, to put him to sleep painlessly.