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Sunshine – Scolopax rusticola

Plants are coastal birds in fresh waters and wet meadows. However, some species do not like this type of ecosystem. Sunshine is a bird of wet and wet forests. It feeds on insects, snails and worms, which he collects on the ground or finds in the silt. The tip of the woodcock's beak is provided with tactile bodies, which allow you to recognize the worm and locate it exactly. The end of the woodcock's beak opens like a pair of tongs, with which he grabs the worm and pulls it out of the ground. Słonka lives all over Europe (with the exception of the extreme northern and southern regions) and much of Asia. He spends winter at the ends of the Mediterranean Sea, from where he returns at the end of March. Baby elephants migrate at night and these flights are confused with mating flights. At dusk, males appear in the landscape flying in a manner reminiscent of the flight of a bat and at the same time make noises resembling snoring or sharp whistles. The female makes sounds on the ground. The ritual mating dance takes place on the ground after both partners meet.

She's grown up woodcock (1, 2) weighs approx 300 g and is slightly smaller than partridges. Its protective, brown-red plumage dotted with small ones, black lines and spots allows it to blend in perfectly with the background of the forest ground. Convex, The eyes placed on the sides of a rather large head provide a wide field of view. A brooding female can see perfectly, what is happening around her. Hatching after 22 On days, the chicks leave the nest immediately and disappear into the area thanks to the masking brown-reddish fluff (3). Eggs are also protective color (4). Some specialists believe, that the woodcock protects its young in an original way. In case of danger, he moves them to a safer place in the beak or presses his paws to his chest. Woodcock is hunted in spring in some European countries, during migration flights.

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