Small companion dogs

Small companion dogs

Recently, more and more people are convinced of small purebred dogs, which are perfect for company, because they are friendly and get attached quickly. also, due to their small body weight, we can take them practically anywhere with us and they do not take up much space, so they can even be grown in a block. A, most importantly, they look cute and all passers-by can't take their eyes off them, admiring their image.

What breeds of tiny dogs enjoy the greatest recognition?

There is no doubt about it, that for several years the peaks of popularity have been beating funny chihuahuas, which are characterized by an apple-shaped face and an ungrown fontanel. also, these little animals have huge ears, lower jaw forward, as well as big eyes, which are set wide apart . Except that, it is worth mentioning, that chichuahuas are incredibly social, but stubborn too, therefore these animals cannot be left with children alone.

Another breed of doggy, which is very popular in our country is the miniature pinscher, known to everyone as the ratler. It is characterized by firmly set ears, which stand or are broken in a V-shape. Primarily, it can function not only as a companion pet, but also great as a guard dog. Another advantage is his spontaneity and perceptiveness. also, loves walks and is sometimes wary of strangers, that's why I bark at them. Except that, you need to know about it, that ratlers get attached to one, at most two family members.

Otherwise, not to be missed cute Pekingese characterized by a short body, large head, strongly flattened between the ears and a very wrinkled face. Another distinguishing feature of them is large, dark, wide-set eyes and heart-shaped ears, which are falling. Certainly, the most fashionable are dogs with a black face and glasses around their eyes. Primarily, Pekingese trust their owner very much, but they are wary of strangers. also, they appreciate the silence, so they are not suitable for the companionship of children. There is no doubt about it, that they are brave and ready to fight even with a much larger dog, when the need arises.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning the pug, who has a stocky body. Of course, he is an extremely social pet, hence, he does not tolerate separation from his guardians, to which he quickly becomes attached. also, he is very obedient, therefore, it will not create problems during training and quickly adapts to new living conditions.