Sharpness in a dog

Sharpness in a dog. This trait is innate to any dog ​​to a greater or lesser degree, depending on race, and even individual inclinations.

Because most hunters have their own experiences in this field, I will just mention, that true harshness can only be expected from an adult dog. In addition, you have to grade the requirements and choose your opponents one by one, that the dog always emerges victorious from the first fights. A painful failure in youth can be fearful for a long time. Soft dogs feel best in the company of experienced combatants. However, you should avoid combining strangers or dogs jealous of access to a predator at work, it can happen, that the champion will defeat not only the predator, but will attack the novice in his zeal, he was going to teach.

However, really sharp and fearless dogs are necessary for the hunting profession, however, in the hands of an amateur hunting occasionally a less cut pointer or a flushing dog, cornered a hunting pest with only barking, it can also do its job satisfactorily.

A savage cuteness is indispensable. In the past, in hunting grounds with abundant boars, packs of larger dogs were used. not paying attention to their race, or even to align the pack. Currently, short-legged hounds or hunting terriers are used more and more.

I consider, that terriers are the most suitable, for both their sharpness, as well as durability and practical , rough hair, and a slight increase qualifies them for this service. The boar doesn't take a small dog too seriously, so the chase is not too fast, and agile and light dogs are less exposed to the blows of the boar's saber. Of course, you should choose a utility type dog with a good fighting temperament. Exercising them often and practicing them often gives good results. Training is hardly needed, the role of the hunter or the doggie is limited to developing instinct.

Here we should repeat the advice of experienced hunters, that it is most expedient to use only one experienced savage dog. The boar or pack then does not run away too quickly, and a dog working alone does not attack blindly. A pair or more of dogs chasing game get passionate about the competition and are less cautious at the same time, which makes it easier for him to fall prey to the defending boar. Bad – a few barking hounds with harmoniously chosen voices.