The English pattern entered in the FCI register under the number 125a (28. I. 1964 r.)

Breed less popular in Poland, in hunting clubs, however, known and bred, is a Springer Spaniel. It is larger than the cocker and perhaps therefore less frequently kept as a decorative dog.

Springer is the oldest English hunting dog. All field spaniels descended from him (except the clumber spaniel). Initially, it was used for searching, scare and reprimand game to the net, for falcons and greyhounds, but nowadays it is only needed for finding, scare and retrieve game in front of the shooter. This breed is kept clean.

General impression. The modern Springer is a harmoniously built dog, compact, powerful, good posture, cheerful, lively and persistent. He has the longest limbs and is the most racially built of any field spaniel.

Head. In the cerebral part of medium length, quite wide and slightly rounded, rising from the muzzle with a distinct leading edge, a divided furrow between the eyes, gradually disappearing along the forehead to the occiput, which should not be pointed. Cheeks not rounded or full. The muzzle is in proportion to the head, quite wide and deep, but not crude, well-chiseled under the eyes, quite deep. Angular lips desirable, however not overdeveloped, so that they do not interfere with retrieving. Nostrils well developed. The mandible is strong, equal bite (nor an undershot, not an undershot). Medium-sized eyes, not protruding or sunken, about vigilant, a gentle expression. Eyelids well fitting to the eyeball, not exposing the conjunctiva. Dark hazel eyes. Lobe shape ears, close to the head, quite long and wide, but not too much. Correct seating - on the eye line.

Neck. Strong and muscular, quite long, without dewlap, well embedded in the shoulder blades, gently curved and tapering towards the head, which favors mobility and speed.

Torso. Strongly built and proportionately long. Chest deep and well developed, provides plenty of space for the heart and lungs. Ribs well sprung. Loins muscular and strong, slightly arched and tightly knotted.

Front limbs. Simple and nicely decorated with feathers; the elbows set harmoniously against the body, Pasterns strong.

Hindquarters. Thighs broad and muscular, well developed, long, low knees. Knees and ankle gently angulated, neither tilted nor out, nor inward. Thick ankles are bad. Strong paws, well rounded, palce black, pads (heels) rounded and springy.

Tail. Set low and never carried above the back, well hairy and mobile.

Robe. Tight fit, simple and not rough, water resistant.

Ointment. All colors are allowed, but the most desirable liver colors with white, black with white or either of those colors with tan markings.

Body dimensions. Approximate height 51 cm, time 23 kg.

Chody. Springer's gait is unique to him. The front legs should be thrown in front of you with the shoulder blade, lifting the paws freely and lightly, not "swimming” them or without walking in the way of a terrier. Knees should fit well under the body and in line with the front legs. Even with slow walking, many spaniels have the typical passive walk of this breed.

Disadvantages. Sheep neck. Mouse eyes, with no expression, Sure.